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‘The Bold Heart’ by Carmen Caine

tbh ccSTORY: (Scotland, 1488) – Ewan was a battle-weary warrior with haunted dreams. He no longer believed in love.

As Scotland’s greatest warrior and heir to the earldom of Mull, few dared to cross swords with Ewan MacLean. But the price he paid for his fearsome reputation was a heavy one. To survive, he buried his emotions and became only the warrior, riding from battle to battle with his men to protect Scotland from threats within and without her borders and letting himself feel nothing else.

But when his right-hand man, Alec Montgomery, is caught dallying with a powerful Lord’s daughter, a trap is set. And both Ewan and Alec find themselves in an English prison, their necks headed for the noose.

On the Isle of Skye, the raven-haired Merry MacLeod spends her days caring for the clan elderly and hurtling across the moors on the back of her black stallion. A high-spirited, adventurous lass, she is no longer troubled by childhood memories of the day the braw lad, Ewan MacLean, rescued her from her husband, the cruel MacDonald. But when she hears the very same Ewan is now confined in an English prison, she disguises herself as a lad and sets out to repay her debt.

After a bold, mysterious youth rescues Ewan and his men from the English, the group swiftly makes their way back to Scotland. But no sooner embarked on their journey home, a young Prince James sounds the call to arms, rises against his father, King James III of Scotland, and plunges Scotland into a dangerous civil war.

But as they journey to join the prince, both Ewan and Alec discover their rescuer’s secret–and both men find themselves falling unexpectedly in love with a raven-haired beauty.

REVIEW: Merry is this free spirited lass who is very good with a blade and bow. Ewan is a man riddled with revenge for those he’s seen killed, and sorrow for those he’s killed. It keeps him awake at night, hearing their death screams.

Merry owes Ewan a life debt where he saved her from certain death at the hands of her husband years ago so when she hears he’s been captured by the English she packs up and goes to secure his release. Once there, she sees that another, Alec Montgomery, is set to hang soon so she knows she has to save him too. Little does she know the steps she takes for their release will send them down a road of not only discovery, mystery, pain, and revenge, but one of enduring friendship and love.

I got so wrapped up in this story that at one point, I had tears running down my face before I knew it. I fell hard for these characters and the path they walked was a hard one filled with laughter and sorrow. I love the way she blended in the Olde Ways at one point and touched on the Fey. I feel that has always been an integral part of Scotland through the ages. This was well written and left me wanting the next in the series with a craving that will not cease until I turn that first page.

Leah for b2b


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