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British Isles Collection by Sarah M. Eden

bic smeSTORY: The SARAH M. EDEN BRITISH ISLES COLLECTION contains two brand new historical romance novellas A FRIEND INDEED and A HAPPY BEGINNING, as well as four hand-picked readers’ and reviewers’ favorites of Sarah’s popular Timeless Romance Anthology novellas. Readers will love this selection of six historical romance novellas set in the British Isles.

REVIEW: Number One: “A Friend Indeed”
Gloucestershire England – 1808

Miss Caroline Downy, age 20, does not have a dowry nor the funds for a London season. However, her family has betrothed her to a family friend, George Barrington.

George has known the Downy family for years. He went to school with Caroline’s brother and spent many holidays with them. He and Caroline played together as children and know one another very well.

Caroline is not happy at not being allowed to have a season and is also not happy about having an arranged marriage. However, George has always cared for Caroline and realizes that he truly loves her.

When he arrives to visit her and the family, he sees her unhappiness and is determined to prove to her that he loves her and that he truly wants to marry her. He asks her to give him three weeks to do this.

Thus, they begin with walks, talks, and exchange childhood memories. This brings them lots of happiness but is it enough for a lasting love and marriage?

I really loved George. What a real man he is.

Number Two: “A Happy Beginning”

Stirlingshire, Scotland – 1850

Sophia Pemberton is working as a governess for the Haddington family. While she loves Scotland and all of its beauty, her job is very difficult as she has to work with the ill-mannered Haddington children, Joseph, Jane, and Ella. Following their parents’ attitude toward servants, they speak with disdain to everyone.

When Sophia accompanies the children for riding lessons with Stable Master, Dermot Buchanan, she is pleased to see that he does not hesitate to set the children straight when they misbehave around the horses.

Sophia used to ride years ago and asks Dermot if she could be allowed to do so. He agrees but tells her she must gain approval from the Haddingtons first. Of course, they refuse her request. Not deterred, she still likes to be around the horses when she has free time. This does not sit well with the Haddingtons. But when Mr. Haddington causes difficulties for her, she flees to Dermot.

His rescues her and surprises her with his background that he has kept secret.

This is a sweet romance that I think readers will certainly enjoy.

Number Three: “The Road to Caven Town”

County Caven, Ireland – 1864

Alice Wheatley met Isaac Dancy when they both walk to Caven on the weekend. Alice, who works as a maid at a farmhouse, visits with her ailing grandparents on the weekends to care for them. Isaac, a farmer, visits Caven each weekend to hopefully court Miss Sophia Kilchrest who is no only lovely but comes with a dowry. Alice and Isaac enjoy great conversations getting to know one another.

Isaac is intent on marrying Sophia and always looks for advice from Alice. Tired of his constant sharing of how he is faring with Sophia, Alice realizes that he needs to decide on his own about Sophia and stop asking her for advice. Disgusted with him, she decides to back away from meeting and walking with him.

However, an upcoming event where they are all present, shows the real personalities up for who they really are. Who will Isaac choose?

A nice romance that I liked very much.

Number Four: “A Christmas Promise”

Ireland – 1820

Sean Kirkpatrick is seeking a position as a stable hand at Kilkenney Castle. To get hired for the job, he has to pass a test of leading horses from one point to another. But he now finds himself lost and mired in mud in the middle of a field.

Maeve Butler hears her dogs barking and discovers Sean stuck in a field on her farm. While she has a laugh at his lacking a sense of direction, her brothers all pitch in and dig him out. Afterward, they invite him to have a simple dinner and to spend the night. The next morning, he finds he is just 15 minutes away from the Castle.

Sean and Maeve are immediately attracted to one another and even though as a new employee he cannot get away often, he tries to see Maeve when he can. When he promises to be with her for Christmas dinner, he is very upset to find he is the one chosen to stay with the horses in the stable during that time.

What will Maeve do? Will she think he promised her and then forgot? Will their budding love for one another be dashed?

A sweet, clean romance.

Number Five: “Dream of a Glorious Season”

London – 1810

Miss Elizabeth Gillerford has loved her neighbor, Julian Broadwood, since she was 8-years-old. Her older sister, Mary, is determined to marry Julian. In addition, Elizabeth will not be permitted to have a season until Mary is married. Unfortunately, Mary has a sharp tongue and suitors are not lined up to court her.

Trying to appease the Gillerford family, Julian offers to take Mary on a drive and Elizabeth is asked to go along as a chaperone. When Julian sees the way Mary treats Elizabeth, he is appalled. Soon, he finds himself attracted to Elizabeth.

Will they have a chance at love if her sister and parents are trying to shove Mary at him?

This was a good story and I enjoyed it very much.

Number Six: “A Lesson in Love”

London – 1813

Lucy and Reed Stanthorpe are newlyweds and have arrived back in London for the season. They are both looking forward to all of the wonderful aspects of the city. The invitations begin to pour in for lots of soirees, but soon Reed decides to stay home because he is tired of all of the balls and such. Lucy is very disappointed because that means that she doesn’t want to attend without him. When this continues to happen, Lucy is very unhappy to learn from Reed that he feels that now that he is no longer courting Lucy, he doesn’t have to attend. This angers Lucy so she decides to leave Reed and live with her parents in town. Baffled, he soon learns that he is going to have to court her again to regain her love.

Thus begins a repeat of the time when they were courting. But soon, being apart from one another begins to get old for both of them. What will it take for them to reach a compromise and resume their marriage.

A cute romance with some added humor.

Connie for b2b


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