Book Review

‘Forbidden in February’ by Suzanna Medeiros

fif sm Robert Milton’s future as the valet to the Duke of Beckworth is uncertain. His employer has died, leaving no heir in sight. When Robert’s mother also dies, he discovers that her companion has taken over her household.

Isabel Durham’s dream of gaining her independence is almost a reality, but her cousin is determined to see her married to a wealthy but much-older man. Robert’s arrival in London is the answer to her prayers. Neither can deny the very real attraction sizzling between them and if he ruins her, she’ll be free of the unwanted marriage.

But Robert’s very existence has proven to him that romantic entanglements are to be avoided at all costs. His desire for Isabel could cost him the one thing he’s vowed never to lose—his heart.

REVIEW: A Year Without a Duke – Book 2

February 1816 – London

Robert Milton has been valet to the now deceased Duke of Beckworth and with the additional death of Robert’s own mother, Robert is at loose ends.

Isabel Durham, was the companion to the late Mrs. Milton, and as the lady’s health declined, Isabel ended up running her household.

Robert is the bastard son of a wealthy peer but his mother always loved him very much. Now, Robert is feeling heavy guilty at now seeing his mother for two years.

When Robert arrives at his mother’s home, he informs Isabel that he is there to see to the state of his mother’s affairs. Thinking that she is the woman his mother had been trying to match him with, Isabel is taken aback at his crude advances.

Robert is surprised to find that his mother has left him a substantial amount of money even though he had been sending her funds thinking she needed them. When he discovers that the money from his mother is from fund his father had settled upon her, Robert wants nothing to do with the money. Robert’s father had wanted to meet him and get to know him, but Robert was too proud. However, he realizes that he must go through his mother’s papers to settle her estate.

As Robert gets to know Isabel, he finds that she has been very generous keeping the house running and the servants paid via her own money until Robert arrived.

But Isabel has a past and a cousin who haunts her. Can she move on with her life and not have the past catch up with her forcing her to leave Robert behind?

This was a nice romance. Isabel is a kind woman who will hopefully teach Robert to leave behind his dislike of his father.

Connie for b2b

Complimentary copy provided by the author


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