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‘Duke of My Heart’ by Kelly Bowen

Bowen_DukeofMyHeart_MMSTORY: Scandal can be handled…

Captain Maximus Harcourt, the unconventional tenth Duke of Alderidge, can deal with tropical storms, raging seas, and the fiercest of pirates. But he’s returned home from his latest voyage to find a naked earl – quite inconveniently deceased – tied to his missing sister’s bed. And he has only one place to turn. Now he’s at the mercy of the captivating Miss Ivory Moore of Chegarre & Associates, known throughout London for smoothing over the most dire of scandals. 

Miss Moore treats the crisis as though it were no more serious than a cup of spilt tea on an expensive rug. As though this sort of thing happened on the job every day. Max has never in all his life met a woman with such nerve. Her dark eyes are too wide, her mouth is too full, her cheekbones too sharp. Yet together, she’s somehow…flawless. It’s just like his love for her, imperfect, unexpected – yet absolutely true.

REVIEW: With ‘Duke of My Heart’ Kelly Bowen starts her new Seasons for Scandal series and I liked it a lot. The premise is reminiscent of Showtime’s Ray Donovan, sans the baseball bat, and the protagonist doing the damage control for the messes that aristocracy creates for themselves or finds themselves in, is one tough chick, Ivory Moore.

Captain Maximus Harcourt, the 10th Duke of Alderidge’s sister is missing and a body of a dead man is found in her bed, hence Max’s Aunt hires Ivory to solve the mystery of a dead body and locating Max’s sister.

And that’s where this story takes off. From the very first paragraph the author draws you in with our heroine’s quick thinking as she’s doing what she must to assure that nobody finds out the strange scene left in the missing girl’s room. I enjoyed the main characters very much and the mystery was well written, while the dialogue flowed with ease.

I also liked the unpredictability of the story.

If you love your romance reads with well written mystery, this one is right up there.I’m going to love this series a lot!

Melanie for b2b

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher.


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