Book Review

‘Say You’ll Love Me’ by Ally Broadfield

sylm abSTORY: She may be his favorite mystery…

All of Lady Abigail Hurst’s dreams seem to be coming true when at long last her childhood sweetheart asks for her hand. But when a maid is found dead, and her betrothed is the chief suspect, Abigail begins to wonder just what manner of man she’s marrying…

The Marquess of Longcroft, Edmund Townsend, has always preferred complex mathematical equations to the trappings of society. And love? Love is a non-quantifiable concept. Still, Lady Abigail is his sister’s friend, and he finds himself drawn into the mystery of her affianced… even as he begins to anticipate Lady Abigail’s company with unfathomable pleasure.

Investigating the murder may reveal more than the sordid truth. It may just reveal the love Abigail always wanted… a little too late.

REVIEW: London – 1815

Robert Wrexham, Viscount Hinsdale, and Lady Abigail Hurst have been betrothed since they were children. Their families’ homes border on each other and the two grew up together.

At their betrothal ball, Abigail catches sight of Robert attempting to seduce a maid in the back corridor. The maid then disappeared and the next morning was found floating in the Thames, having been strangled to death. It is discovered that she was Robert’s mistress and he is then charged with her murder. Robert confesses to Abigail that the murdered maid was his mistress and that he loved her, but he swears that he did not kill her. When Abigail learns this, she immediately wants to call off the engagement even though her parents try to persuade her otherwise. Against her better judgment, she agrees to leaves things as they are until the murderer is found.

Abigail seeks solace with her good friends, Georgiana and Henrietta, sisters of Lord Edmund Longcroft. Edmund is a kind and wealthy man who enjoys and is quite good at mathematical calculations. Since his father’s passing, he has been tasked with six sisters he needs to marry off. Edmund knows Robert and is aware that he has a quick temper with servants. At the request of Abigail and his sisters, he decides to investigate the murder. Thus, he begins to closely watch Robert and his activities. In addition, he advises Abigail to take extra precautions for her safety since Robert’s temper and the amount of alcohol he tends to imbibe can make him a dangerous person if indeed he did murder his mistress.

As Edmund and Abigail are together more often now discussing this investigation, they discover an attraction to one another and an appreciation for each other’s particular sense of humor.

Will Abigail finally break off her engagement to Robert? Will she be able to pursue her attraction to Edmund? Who killed the maid?

I really enjoyed the plot of this book. It was cleverly written and contains some humorous dialogue. I look forward to reading more novels by this author.

Connie for b2b

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher

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