Book Review

‘Every Scandalous Secret’ by Gayle Callen

ess gcSTORY: Who is the lady setting London astir?
All is about to be revealed…

Notorious rake Leo Wade is not one for house parties–he’d much rather pass the time in London’s gaming halls…and ladies’ boudoirs. But when his gambling instinct leads him to believe the enchanting and utterly impossible Miss Susanna Leland is the anonymous model of a shockingly immodest painting…he braves country tedium for a chance to prove the lady’s secret.

With one foot already firmly planted on the shelf, Susanna cares not a fig for propriety. But even she never imagined she’d become caught up in a ridiculous game of cat and mouse, and certainly not with the most wicked man of her acquaintance! Susanna has absolutely no intention of letting Leo confirm his suspicions, no matter how persuasive he can be.

Until sweet temptation becomes too much to bear, and they both learn that the price of trust may just be worth every scandalous secret.

REVIEW: ‘Every Scandalous Secret’  is book three of the Scandalous Lady trilogy, and my advice is to read the previous two, because both hero and heroine just might surprise you in regards to who you thought them to be.

Lord Leo Wade is a well known rake with two passions: women and gambling. Both have become boring of late, so what’s a rake to do, but get himself invited to a house party!

Lady Susanna Leland is a well known bluestocking with passions of her own, and her love of art is one of them. Lord and Lady Bramsfield’s house party gives both of them an opportunity to engage in some ‘wagering’ that will set in motion things neither is willing to admit, but both want.

Ms. Callen’s third installment of this series is as much entertaining as the previous two, and I enjoyed the ‘battle of wills’ these two displayed in full force. My only complaint would be that it was a tad slow paced, but with well developed characters such as these two, it didn’t bother me too much. Watching them fall in love was heartwarming and entertaining, and at times, just too funny.

‘Every Scandalous Secret’  is a story well told of opposites attracting, with dialogue that will leave you smiling, while the charming hero and one determined heroine are both trying to outwit and keep their secrets from each other.

Melanie for RRAH


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