Book Review

‘Brazen’ by Margo Maguire

B_MMSTORY: She will give him what he desires. But first, a small favor . . .

Lady Christina Fairhaven is devoted to her adoptive family—and most protective of her wayward brother.

So when battle-scarred and world-weary Captain Gavin Briggs arrives at her cottage bearing shocking news—that she is the granddaughter of an aged, bad-tempered duke— Christina is stunned . . . temporarily.

She will not meet the duke who abandoned her when she was a child; Gavin will not receive his significant—and much needed—reward. However, should the good Captain agree to help her locate and rescue her endangered sibling, then perhaps . . .

But with a fortune at stake, the road to London is paved with peril. Treachery awaits them . . . not to mention attraction, temptation, and a most unanticipated passion.

REVIEW: The hero of this story is Captain Gavin Briggs, and we met him in a previous book of Ms. Maguire’s, SEDUCING THE GOVERNESS. He is a battle-weary man and former military assassin, who now earns his money as an investigator, and his current job is to find a missing heiress and granddaughter of a Duke.

Lady Christina Fairhaven has always been aware that she was adopted, but that never stopped her from loving her adoptive family. Now that love is being put to the test by a blackmailer whose demands have become unbearable, so she decides to take matters into her own hands.

As Gavin brings Christina the news of her birth family, she is truly happy, but she knows that her adoptive brother needs her. She enlists Gavin to help her locate Lang, who everyone, but her, believes dead. Gavin, not having a choice in the matter as Christina will not agree to go with him until she locates Lang, gives in and agrees to help her.

It was interesting to watch a high society Lady fall for this hard-living Captain, especially because neither took their feelings seriously, at first. They both thought each other unsuitable for anything but an affair. However, as much as I loved the hero, try as I might, the heroine just left me cold. Only a handful of scenes have I thought her at least a bit warm (and most of those are the sensual ones).

In the end, BRAZEN was not a bad read. I enjoyed its pace and the hero, as well as the mystery, so I’ll recommend it, but will probably give it away.

Melanie for RRAH


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