Book Review

‘The Irresistible Rogue’ by Valerie Bowman

tir vbSTORY: Lady Daphne Swift comes from a family with two brothers who have proudly served the Crown. She may be a female, but she’s willing to do whatever it takes to prove that she’s as useful to the war effort as her brothers. She even went so far as to secretly marry a spy. The fact that she just happened to have been pining for Captain Rafe Cavendish for years didn’t hurt matters. But after their first mission, when she realized their marriage had been strictly business, Daphne immediately wanted an annulment. The fiery Daphne has always been a multi-tasker and now she’s hell bent on two things: finding the men who killed her brother and securing her engagement to another man to forget about Rafe forever.

As a spy for the War Office, Captain Rafferty Cavendish has been on dozens of missions. But one mission haunts him, the mission that resulted in the death of Daphne Swift’s eldest brother, Donald. Rafe agreed to work with Daphne once and put her life in danger. Now he must find the men who killed Donald, avenge the family, and convince Daphne to give him one more chance. But Daphne’s enlisted her other older brother, Julian, to help her get a quick and quiet annulment so that she can marry a fop who only wants her for her title and money. Can Rafe convince Daphne to give him one more chance, on the mission and with her heart?

REVIEW: Lady Daphne Swift, age 19, is starting her third season and is expecting a proposal from the pompous Lord Fitzwell. However, there is a small problem here because she is already married to Captain Rafferty (Rafe) Cavendish. Rafe has worked for the war office on secret missions. As it happens, Rafe and Daphne had worked together on a mission the previous year in an attempt to rescue her brother, Donald, who was being held prisoner in France. Daphne accompanied Rafe dressed as a young boy. But to protect her reputation, Rafe insisted they be married first and that they could have the married annulled later since it was not consummated. In the meantime, Daphne is waiting for Rafe to hold up his end of the bargain and get the marriage annulled. Ah, but Rafe has other ideas. Sadly, Donald was killed and Rafe has vowed revenge. Therefore, he again needs Daphne’s help because the murderers are Russian and Daphne is fluent in Russian.

Daphne and Rafe seem to be arguing with one another quite often during some social events. Rafe sees what a pompous fool Lord Fitzwell is and he has no intention of making it easy for them to marry. Trying to get Daphne to see the man for what he is results in many disagreements between the two of them.

We follow as Daphne and Rafe head out to find these murderers and bring them to justice. Daphne wants to accompany him on the voyage to France, but Rafe only needs her help eavesdropping on some conversations before they depart and does not want her to go on the dangerous mission. Ah, but Daphne has other ideas.

This is another great story by Valerie Bowman filled with her signature humor that had me laughing out loud. The adventure parts of the story had me on the edge of my seat as well. Great descriptions, Ms. Bowman! Now, I eagerly await (and hope) for a story about Daphne’s younger Cousin, Delilah, because j’adore Delilah!

Connie for b2b

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher


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