Book Review

‘The Clandestine Betrothal’ by Alice Chetwynd Ley

tcb aclSTORY: Love in Name Only

When Susan announced to her aunt that she was engaged to Beau Eversley, the most sought-after bachelor in London, she should have been the happiest girl in England. The trouble was the Beau knew nothing of the betrothal. Susan had made up the whole affair. And to make matters worse, she would soon be found out.

There was nothing to do but confess her outrageous falsehood to the handsome Beau. But once she did, he agreed to play along with the charade. It seemed the perfect solution, until Susan suddenly found herself trapped in a lie, and engaged in name only to the man she truly loved.

REVIEW: The Honorable Hugh Eversley, age 27, is also known as Beau. A handsome, wealthy, and very fashionable man, he has a younger sister, Georgiana, Georgy, who has just left her young ladies’ Seminary. Georgy’s school friend, Susan Fyfield, has always enjoyed hearing stories from Georgy about Beau Eversley. After leaving school, Susan returns to live with her aunt and older cousin, Cynthia. As her aunt is a widow, money is somewhat scarce so Susan finds herself living on the edge of the nicer world where Georgy lives. Cynthia has just become betrothed. Susan is told that she is an heiress but knows nothing more about it. She never knew her parents and was brought to her aunt’s as a young child. She is convinced that she was born a bastard which makes her feel ashamed.

Susan is to attend Georgy’s coming out ball and is eager to see Beau again. As Susan is a shy person and has not had invitations to dance, Beau gallantly steps in and asks her to dance. In addition, he escorts her in for supper. Never having had anything alcoholic to drink, Susan becomes tipsy after quaffing a glass of champagne and Beau discreetly gets her aunt who takes her home. But Susan tells her aunt that she is engaged to Beau! The next morning, Susan searches out Beau and confesses her error. He agrees to go along with her but the story now continues to grow and makes for a lot of problems which also makes for a lot of fun.

Follow Susan and Beau as they search for the mystery of Susan’s past. The characters are perfectly woven into the story making for a terrific Regency romance novel which was first written in the 1960s.

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Complimentary copy provided by the publisher

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