Book Review

‘Shopaholic to the Rescue’ by Sophie Kinsella

sttr skSTORY: Becky Bloomwood and a hilarious cast of beloved family and friends (plus one enemy!) set off in a van to find her missing father, last heard from in Las Vegas.

Becky’s father Graham and her best friend’s husband, Tarquin, have disappeared from Los Angeles saying simply they have “something to take care of.”

But Tarquin’s wife Suze who is Becky’s best friend, and Becky’s mother Jane, are convinced the two men are hiding something and are in danger—their imaginations run wild. They must track them down!

Hijinks ensue as husband Luke drives Becky, daughter Minnie, Jane, Suze and other favorite Kinsella characters across country from LA to Las Vegas in search of the missing men.

Becky feels deeply guilty about ignoring her father while he was in LA, in addition Becky feels her enemy Alicia is threatening her friendship with Suze.

REVIEW: Becky, her husband, Luke, and their little daughter, Minnie, have joined forces with Becky’s Mom, Jane, and Becky’s best friend, Suze, in a hunt for Becky’s father, Graham, and Suze’s husband, Tarquin. It appears that the two of them took off together to take care of some business and left no other explanation. Since Jane and Suze are beside themselves with worry, the whole group rents an RV and hits the west coast of the U.S. They stop in many cities in their search which ends up being a great sight-seeing trip as well.

We revisit many of the characters of the author’s novels all of which are beautifully created. They all have a purpose in her scheme of trying to find these men.

The group travels to Las Vegas, Sedona, and other cities. Becky comes up with a madcap plan to find a “missing link” that should help them find Graham and Tarquin.

I have enjoyed many of Sophie Kinsella’s “Shopaholic” novels but I’m afraid that this one left me cold. It was as if the author was trying to make a story where there was none. However, I did enjoy again reading about some of her special characters.

Connie for b2b

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