Book Review

‘Thunder on the Plains’ by Rosanne Bittner

totp rbSTORY: The sound of two hearts beating, joined by a love made stronger by struggle, can be as loud as … Thunder on the plains

Lovely young heiress Sunny Landers was utterly devoted to her father’s great dream — a transcontinental railroad that would run from Chicago across the Great Plains to the Pacific. Accompanying Bo Landers on a wagon train west, she discovered for herself the glories of the unsettled country — and met the rugged frontiersman who would be her destiny.

Half Cherokee but raised by whites, Colt Travis was like the land of his birth: handsome to gaze upon, yet wild, imposing, dangerous. When he first saw the spirited, passionate daughter of Bo Landers, the man who’d hired him to scout the western territories, he knew she was everything he’d ever wanted in a woman — but believed he never could have.

Beneath a starlit sky, against an endless horizon, Colt opened Sunny’s eyes to the majestic beauty of the land, then awakened her body and soul to an ecstasy she’d never dreamed possible. Together they would fight to settle an untamed country, uniting a nation that war had shattered — but could they brave the perils that threatened to drive them apart?

REVIEW: By now I know what awaits me when I start one of Rosanne Bittner’s books, endless hours of pure, unadulterated pleasure. I’m actually looking forward to exiting the world of Regency and entering the world of her western romance!

This is another of her amazing stories that spans years in the lives of our hero and heroine, and once more I had no choice but to fall in love with the world and the characters Ms. Bittner painstakingly created for me to enjoy.

As every book I’ve read so far from this author, I found them all well written, meticulously researched and an enormous pleasure to read. The plotting is exceptionally good, the pace solid and action filled, while the scenery she paints for me is breathtaking.

For all you bookworms who love western romance, this is no brainer. You will fall in love with this story from page one.

But to all of my bookworms that are sceptics when it comes to western romance, I will say BAH HUMBUG! Please don’t let the genre stop you from entering the world that this book will introduce you to. You will be richer for it. I promise.

Melanie for b2b

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher


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