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‘Because You’re Mine’ by Lisa Kleypas

bym lkSTORY: “I don’t care about your conscience. All I want is for you to kiss me again.”

Lady Madeline Matthews would rather shame herself than sacrifice her freedom. To avoid marrying an aging, lecherous lord, she seeks out the company of Logan Scott, for a torrid affair with the notorious womanizer would surely condemn her in the eyes of good society.

In truth, Logan is an intensely private man tormented by past betrayals. Now a forward little minx, completely at sea in London’s sophisticated whirl, is disrupting his life with her vibrant charm and unspoiled beauty. But when what begins with a kiss threatens to blossom into something more rapturous and real, will Logan and Madeline have the courage to drop the masks they hide behind in the name of love?

REVIEW: I read this book when it first came out and never reviewed it, so when my eye caught the cover, I jumped at a chance to re-read it again and review it this time around.

Madeline Matthews is one strong-minded heroine, despite her upbringing and age. Not accepting the life and the man her parents choose for her to marry, she concocts an idea to get herself ruined by none other than Logan Scott, the actor and manager of Capital Theater. Not really thinking this thing through, she lands in London and sets out to propose to the man himself by blurting out that she’d like to be his next mistress.

What our heroine doesn’t realize is that a man such as Logan has a lot of baggage of his own, and he’s in no mood for games nor is he willing to be drawn in by some infatuated eighteen-year-old miss.

This was such a fun read! I remembered why I loved it so much before, and I still do. Ms. Kleypas developed her characters so well that the dialogue seemed to bring everyone to life.

Logan is one of those heroes who had a ‘hard’ life, but managed to survive and pull himself together, and at thirty, he doesn’t believe in love. He was hurt before and love is something he’s not looking for. Not with a minx that is nothing but a ‘walking and talking’ disaster and accident waiting to happen!

Madeline is an eighteen-year-old girl who is sweet, naïve, and yearning to belong. I liked that even at such a tender age, she stood up for herself and was willing to accept the consequences her affair would bring, in order to avoid marriage to an unsuitable and despicable man.

If you’ve never read any of Lisa Kleypas’ books before, you may as well start with this one. You’ll enjoy its pace, dialogue, laugh-out-loud moments and the love scenes that are tender, yet sensual.

The prequel to this story is SOMEWHERE I’LL FIND YOU, and it is as good as this story, so you may as well get both! Both are Keeper worthy.

Melanie for RRAH


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