Book Review

‘Second Chance Cinderella’ by Carla Capshaw

scc ccSTORY: “I’ll Wait for You Forever.” 

Heartbroken when her childhood love never returned, Rose Smith soon learned she had even greater worries – she carried his child. Ten years later as a housemaid in London, she encounters Samuel Blackstone. The kind youth she adored has turned bitter with success. Feeling out of place in Sam’s high-society world, Rose fears what he may do when he learns of their son….

A wealthy stockbroker, Sam is used to getting what he wants. And when he learns that Rose bore him a son, he wants to claim his family. But he’ll have to convince Rose to trust him again if he’s to have any hope of meeting the boy… or recapturing her heart.

REVIEW: Rose Smith and Sam Blackstone grew up in an orphanage. They were always close and Sam promised he would always take care of Rose. School was easy for Sam but Rose had what we would today call dyslexia and never could learn to read. When Sam became a young man, he decided to move to London to try and earn his fortune. He promised Rose he would return for her and they would then be together forever, but he never returned.

Ten years later finds Rose scurrying to her job as a maid in the home of a wealthy family. Sam sees her go past and is sure it is his Rose. When he sees her again, she has been hired to serve at a dinner party in his home. Sam has become a very successful and wealthy stockbroker. Rose is shocked to see him and especially his cold reaction to her. There is a young woman acting as hostess at his table and declares that she and Sam will soon be wed. The young woman is accompanied by her father who tries to grope Rose. At the end of the evening, Rose drops onto a bench in a corner from sheer exhaustion and falls asleep. Sam carries her upstairs to a guest room where she stays overnight.

Why is Sam being so cruel to her by hiring her to serve him? Sam wonders where Rose has been all these years. The last he heard, she had gotten married and he could not find her.

Rose had borne a son named Andrew some months after Sam left her. Who was the man she had married and why wasn’t Sam able to find her?

Sam realizes that his love for Rose has never died and he also finds that the son she bore is his child. He wants nothing more than to have Rose and his son in his life to share everything he has with them. Thus begins a journey to get Andrew that turns into a nightmare for both of them.

There are a lot of twists and turns in this book. This is an interesting story and even though it is an Inspirational Historical Romance novel, I found it to be peppered with a bit too many religious references.

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