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Book Deals!

Which one of us doesn’t love a book deal?! Some of these are FREE, some $0.99, $1.99 and up 🙂


 You better hurry because some of these deals expire TODAY:

[click on the cover to buy]

never-miss-a-chance-by-maureen-driscollthe-viking-by-marti-talbottbanished-love-by-ramona-flightnerlord-of-regrets-by-sabrina-darbysonata-for-a-scoundrel-by-anthea-lawsonthe-black-angel-by-barbara-samuelwhisper-his-name-by-elizabeth-thorntonsomeone-to-love-by-kasey-michaelsdixie-rebel-by-patricia-ricethe-outcast-by-glynnis-campbellto-wed-the-widow-by-megan-brycethe-bronze-horseman-by-paullina-simonsredemption-of-the-duke-by-gayle-callento gaCCC JK

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