Book Review

‘Sumerford’s Autumn’ by Barbara Gaskell Denvil

sa bgdSTORY: The myriad difficulties and colourful details of early Tudor times are vividly portrayed in this book. From the royal court to the dungeons of the Tower and from the vast chill of Sumerford Castle in Somerset to Execution Hill in London, the late medieval is brought back to life in all its beauty, filth and complexity.

This turbulent period of history serves as the violent but compelling background to the lives of the Sumerford brothers, and in particular to Ludovic’s path from obscurity towards the changing fortunes of great love, national loyalty, family responsibility and finally happiness.

REVIEW: Set during the reign of King Henry Vll. The Princes in the Tower make an appearance, one as a voice that comes to Ludovic and one who is imprisoned as an impostor. Ludovic and Alysson take you on a journey as they face treachery, secrets, torture, and pure dysfunction within a family that leads one to believe it’s a madness inherited. All that and love too.

Every page takes you deeper into a maze of plots and surprises that will have you hating to place it down for any reason until you turn that last page. Ludovic and his three brothers live their lives, each in different directions. I encourage you to pick this book up and follow them as they lead you down four roads, with only one bringing a happily ever after.

Leah for b2b


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