Book Review

‘The Replacement Wife’ by Rowena Wiseman

trw rwSTORY: Luisa has met the love of her life … now she just needs to figure out what to do with her husband.

Luisa has fallen madly in love with sculptor Jarvis, so she comes up with a plan to find a new wife for her husband Luke so she can exit stage left. She wants to screen potential stepmothers for her 8-year-old son Max and has strict criteria: the woman must be a single mother; have no more than two children; she can’t be authoritarian; she must be creative, nurturing and not much prettier than Luisa.

After a few carefully orchestrated meetings with different women that fail to raise a spark, Luke finally connects with a potential replacement wife. However, Luisa isn’t prepared for the fact that Luke’s interest in the other woman makes him a better man and a more attractive husband. After suffering for years in a half-dead marriage, Luisa starts to remember what it was about Luke that she originally fell in love with. But is it too late?

REVIEW: Luisa and Luke live in Melbourne with their son, Max, age 8.  Luisa is a book editor working from home and her husband owns a rooftop garden center.  When Luisa runs into an old flame, Jarvis, she is smitten.  He works as a sculptor and is very happy to see Luisa again.  When Jarvis starts to send her emails, she begins to have feelings for him.  While she doesn’t actually meet up with Jarvis, their affair continues just to be a verbal one.

Luke is a good provider and father.  He helps around the house and with Max, but he also enjoys his downtime at night watching TV, sipping a cup of coffee, and eating a little chocolate.  But, things have been a bit blah with no activity in the bedroom for quite awhile now.  So, Luisa comes up with a brilliant idea to find a new wife for Luke, preferably someone who is good with kids and even better with one or two kids the age of Max.  If she can get him to fall for another woman, she won’t feel bad about the breakup of their marriage and she will be free to be with Jarvis.

The story follows Luisa as she searches for the right person for Luke.  While some women seem to be a good choice at first, they end up fizzling.  Luke doesn’t understand why Luisa is trying to arrange for him to meet these people.

At first I thought that Luisa was a huge twit and her idea was really juvenile.  However, as the story continues and she gets Luke involved with some of these women, I realized that this was becoming more than a silly harebrained scheme.  That’s when my interest really perked up and I couldn’t read the book fast enough.  Without giving out any spoilers, let me just add this:  Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.

Connie for b2b

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher


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