Book Review

‘Marriage Made in Shame’ by Sophie James

mmis sjSTORY: Secrets of the marriage bed

Heiress Adelaide Ashfield lost her trust in men years ago. She spurns the advances of society’s most eligible bachelors, but time is running out. Forced to make her choice, Adelaide accepts the hand of Gabriel Hughes, Earl of Wesley.

Despite his debauched reputation, Gabriel shies away from intimacy. But his marriage to Adelaide awakens a desire he never thought he’d feel again. Maybe his beguiling new bride is the key to shaking off the shame which has haunted him for so long…

REVIEW: London – 1812

Gabriel Hughes, the fourth Earl of Wesley and owner of Ravenshill, is a very handsome man with a reputation for being a ladies’ man.  When a fire nearly destroyed his family home some years earlier and left him with scars, he a troubled man.  It is difficult for him to sleep without nightmares of the fire which took the life of a young woman reported to have been his lover.  In addition, he is in need of funds to help rebuild his home.

Miss Adelaide Ashfield, age 23, lives in Northbridge with her uncle and is quite happy with her life. Through her two spinster aunts, she has gained a vast knowledge of plants and in healing people through their use.  At the insistence of her uncle, she finally agrees to travel to London for a season, promising only to stay for three months.  She hopes the time will fly and she can return to continue the work that she loves.

While in London, she meets some men who are interested more in her dowry than her. She quickly sees through them and puts them in their place.  One man was so pushy that she had to slap him which made him fall and knocked him out.  Thus, an enemy was made.

When Gabriel met Adelaide, he was charmed by her and by her obvious intelligence. As they grew to know one another better, they decide to marry.  This met with her uncle’s disapproval as he felt Gabriel was only after Adelaide’s inheritance.

What life had Gabriel led that left him so damaged both mentally and physically?  Will they be able to find true love and happiness in their lives?

There are, of course, spoilers that I have left out of my review.  Yet even with that, I still found this story to be a bit far-fetched and one that I didn’t really care for.  Although, I’m sure there are others who will for there is a lot of tenderness and caring expressed in this book.

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Complimentary copy provided by the publisher


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