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‘Vexed by a Viscount’ by Erin Knightley

vbtv ekSTORY: Prudence Landon has always done exactly as she should. She’s obeyed her parents’ every word, lived by society’s every dictate, and even agreed to marry a man more than twice her age simply because it was expected of her. In the fortnight before her wedding, she decides it’s high time to bend a few rules before life as she knows it is over.

Viscount Ashby leads a charmed life. Betrothed since the age of seven, he is perfectly content to allow his off-the-market status to keep the marriage-minded mamas at bay. When he returns home to his parent’s estate and finds their prim, straight-laced young neighbor swimming naked in broad daylight, he’s both amused and intrigued.

When Ash discovers Prudence’s upcoming nuptials to the aging squire, he decides to help her live a little before the parson’s mousetrap springs closed. But what started as good fun soon leads to something much more. With her wedding fast approaching, they must choose between breaking all the rules and losing their one chance for happiness.

REVIEW: Miss Prudence Landon is an only child and has always done everything her parents have asked her to do and has always minded their rules.  She was recently betrothed to a much older man, Squire Jeffries, and is to be married in two weeks.  But before she ties herself down, she has made a list of some relatively scandalous things that she wants to do before marrying.

The first on her list is to swim in a pond that borders on her neighbor’s land.  Thinking she is completely alone, she is horrified when her neighbor, William, Viscount Ashby, son of Lord and Lady Malcolm rides by on his horse. When he sees her in the water, he is amused when she realizes she has been “caught.”

Prudence is now afraid that her parents will find out.  But when William is asked to dinner at her home, they manage to talk and he agrees to keep her secret. She confides that she is checking off her list of things she wants to do before marriage and he decides to help her do these things.

When they meet secretly, they have time to get to know one another better and an attraction soon develops between them.  Although Prudence is disgusted at the thought of having to marry the Squire, she is determined not to let her parents down and will do her duty.

In addition, William was betrothed as a baby to a family friend who is now only 16. When he realizes he has fallen in love with Prudence, he feels helpless as well knowing he too must do his duty to his family.

What can they do?  Are they destined to say goodbye to love and live their lives with people they don’t care for?

Once again, Erin Knightley has written a wonderful, fun, and sweet novella.  Her books are always good and she has quickly become a very favorite author of mine.

Connie for b2b

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher


1 thought on “‘Vexed by a Viscount’ by Erin Knightley”

  1. I just got this in paperback from Amazon, along with the other novellas in this series. I am a huge fan of Erin’s and I actually got to meet her at the RWA book signing in NY!

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