Book Review

‘A Radical Arrangement’ by Jane Ashford

ara jaSTORY: Brash and Handsome

Sir Justin Keighley is all wrong for a proper young lady like Margaret Mayfield. Everyone knows he is shocking in his opinions, arrogant in his manner, and completely without respect for the common decencies of civilized society. Margaret absolutely will not marry him—no matter what her parents say.

Beautiful and Shy

Margaret was everything Sir Justin detested in a woman—timid, sheltered, and obedient to a fault. It’s not until she runs away from him that he finds he must give chase. Margaret is discovering she can be bold and rebellious—intrepid enough to do what she must, and more exciting than Justin ever imagined possible. She’s the last woman he would have expected to lead them both into uncharted territory…

REVIEW: Margaret Mayfield is a thin, timid young woman who lives with her parents and has had just one season in London. She was raised in a religious and conservative Tory family where her father is a member of Parliament.

Sir Justin Keighley is a neighbor of the Mayfield family and completely on the other side of the political fence from the Mayfields. He is an important man in the Whig Party and close to the Prince.

When a neighborhood dinner party is planned, it is with great trepidation that Justin attends the party because he knows he and the Mayfields will lock horns with their political discussions. After dinner, the party decides to head to the barn to view a prize heifer. Not wanting to soil her satin dress, Margaret holds back. Justin, having noticed what a timed young woman Margaret is, approaches her to try and talk to her but her skittishness sends her running away where she faints from fear.

When Justin and Margaret are found by the rest of the party, Margaret’s parents insist that Justin has ruined her and thus must marry her. Both Margaret and Justin refuse. Upset and needing to get away, Margaret decides to run away to Penzance. Playing to Justin’s guilt, Margaret’s mother plants the seed for him to follow her and bring her home. When they meet up on the road, Justin is injured and they must stay at an inn while he recovers under the guise of being brother and sister.

Their time together makes Margaret realize that Justin comes by his strong personality from his parents who loved nothing more than to debate different topics. Once Justin introduces Margaret to the injustice suffered by laborers that he is trying to change, she realizes that there really are two sides to a story.

Will they be able to put their differences aside and accept that people can be attracted to one another even if they have radical views about life?

Ms. Ashford has penned a thoughtful story that speaks to us of what is happening in our own country today. Simply because we all have different views politically, there is no reason we cannot still get along.

Connie for b2b

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher


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