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Spotlight on Grace Burrowes and ‘Tremaine’s True Love’!

What makes a man a gentleman? For a romance writer, this question has to be answered in every book, because implicit in the term “hero” is something of the gentleman. Heroes need not be charming, handsome or wealthy, and they might not even be obviously heroic, at least at the start of the book, but… Continue reading Spotlight on Grace Burrowes and ‘Tremaine’s True Love’!

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‘Tremaine’s True Love’ by Grace Burrowes

STORY: He's had everything he could ever want...until now Wealthy wool magnate Tremaine St. Michael is half French, half Scottish, and all business. He prowls the world in search of more profits, rarely settling in one place for long. When he meets practical, reserved Lady Nita Haddonfield, he sees an opportunity to mix business with pleasure… Continue reading ‘Tremaine’s True Love’ by Grace Burrowes