Book Review

‘One Rogue Too Many’ by Samantha Grace

ortm sgSTORY: When two of the ton’s most eligible bachelors fall for the same young woman, only one will win her heart…

Anthony Keaton, Earl of Ellis, and Baron Sebastian Thorne have been competing since childhood. Now, they both have their eyes set on Lady Gabrielle.

Gabby feels like a fool for trusting in Anthony—but she doesn’t know the whole truth. Determined to guard her heart this time around, she’s looking for a man who is steadfast and eloquent.

Sebastian knows this is his one chance to steal her heart. He has everything she’s looking for. But when Anthony finally reveals his true feelings, how will she choose between the two?

REVIEW: With this story Samantha Grace starts her new series with a spin-off of her Beau Monde Bachelors and you really don’t have to worry about not being able to follow this story if you haven’t read the previous four. The story can be read as a stand-alone.

Lady Gabby has loved her brother’s best friend Anthony ever since she was a very young girl and she always hoped that his feelings for her were the same, yet as Anthony comes of age, he marries another.

Anthony Keaton, Earl of Ellis, was a lonely boy as he was growing up, yet he finds solace and happiness with his best friend’s family. He adored young Gabby and had a special name for her, but being young himself, he never really admitted to deeper feelings for her even to himself. He married young and the marriage wasn’t a happy one. Finally realizing that he’d made a mistake of monumental proportions in not admitting to his feelings for Gabby, he is hell-bent on righting the course of his life by declaring his love for Gabby and walking her down the aisle.

However, it looks like he may just be a tad too late as Gabby has had enough of waiting and pining for him as Sebastian Thorne, Anthony’s rival, is set to beat him to it.

I have to say that this story had me a bit conflicted because the main characters were not as likable as Ms. Grace’s Beau Monde Bachelors were.

No matter how much I wanted to like Gabby, I just couldn’t. She frustrated me to no end. Her inner thoughts were just too childish and that put me off her.

As for Anthony, I warmed up to him more as the story developed, yet even his charm wasn’t enough for me to like the way he acted at times.

The chemistry between the two was there, even when the two were at odds with one another, yet somehow I wanted the passion to be deeper.

In the end, I liked it, but not as much as the previous series. If you like the huge misunderstanding tropes, you probably will love this story.

Melanie for b2b

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher


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