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‘Love Unexpected’ by Jody Hedlund

lu jhSTORY: A Perfect Blend of History and Romance, with a Whisper of Mystery

All she’s ever wanted was a home. But stranded at Presque Isle port after their steamboat sank, Emma Chambers and her brother, Ryan, couldn’t be farther away from security. While Ryan at least can find work, Emma can’t even find a place to stay. An unlikely solution arises when the lighthouse keeper, who recently lost his wife and is struggling to raise his young son, arrives in town. A traveling preacher believes they might be the answer to each others’ problems, and after a hasty marriage, Emma is headed back to the lighthouse with this handsome but quiet stranger.

But nothing in her wandering life has prepared her for suddenly being asked to raise a child and keep a house. Struggling at every turn, Emma also suspects Patrick may be keeping something hidden from her. In town she hears whispers about strange circumstances surrounding his previous wife’s death, and it seems as though Emma’s answered prayer for a home and family may actually be something much more dangerous.

REVIEW: 1859 – Michigan

Emma Chambers and her brother Ryan Chambers are from Ireland and heading into Michigan when their ship is taken over by pirates and burned.  They are able to grab and barrel and swim to shore at Presque Isle.  Emma made it only with the help of the lighthouse keeper, Patrick Garraty.  Having no money, Ryan was able to find work chopping wood.

Patrick Garraty had just buried his wife leaving him to care for 2-year-old Josiah.  As Emma needs work to care for herself, it was suggested by the traveling minister that Emma marry Patrick and live with him at the lighthouse so she could care for Josiah. That would enable Patrick to do his job at night and get some sleep during the day. With no other recourse, Emma and Patrick agree.

Emma has a difficult time learning to cook and is very busy trying to clean the dirty house and care for Josiah and his 2-year-old temper tantrums.  She and Patrick learn to become friends but there is nothing physical in their marriage.  Patrick and his first wife had no love between them as she was a mean woman who found Patrick offensive. Thus, he was in no hurry to consummate his second marriage.

Patrick has a past that he is working to hide.  Although he has sinned a lot, he has found God and has become a very religious man.  As Emma gets to know Patrick better and she talks to his first wife’s cousin, she learns that he does have a past but not exactly what it involves.  However, she sees that he is a good man is not going to turn her back on him.

The plot is a good one but for me, the story seemed to drag a bit which became wearying.  However, I’m sure others may find it perfect for them.

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