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‘Lady Scandal’ by Wendy LaCapra

ls wlcSTORY: He had everything under control, until she proved him wrong…

London, 1784

Sophia Baneham has lived in the poison of her dead father’s shadow for longer than she cares to admit. Now she exists outside of polite society’s influence, holding gambling parties for London’s most dangerous men. When a man walks into one of her soirees, a compelling mix of charisma and icy control, he offers the lady of sin a wager she can’t refuse…

Lord Randolph is a spy in the service of His Majesty, but he’s given an oath to protect the daughter of his mentor. Even as his gamble of marriage starts to spiral out of control and his passions ignite, Randolph is determined that he’ll handle things his way…

But when danger closes in, Randolph won’t just have to protect Sophia from an intended killer. He’ll have to protect her from himself…

REVIEW: Ms. LaCapra’s debut ‘Lady Vice’ had surprised me because it never read as such. Reading it I was reminded of the great Kathleen E. Woodiwiss and her wonderful prose. This doesn’t happen often, so I was looking forward to her second book hoping to God it would live up to my expectations.

She not only delivered, but she managed to surprise me!

While the first story in the Furies series impressed with a wonderful prose and was equal parts sensually sweet, witty and entertaining, this one was faster paced and read more like an adventure, yet it never lost the sensuality or the prose which I was looking forward to.

The heroine of this tale is Sophia and she’s as much stubborn as she’s independent and strong. But it’s her beauty that has our hero ‘lust’ for her at first sight.

Lord Randolph is a spy and he’s got his hands full once he takes on Sophia. Both carry heavy burdens from their pasts and both have trust issues with each other and I loved watching them spar, chase and conquer their fears.

I highly recommend you read this action packed adventure filled with mystery and romance, but what I loved once more is the prose, so I leave you with some juicy teasers:

She fit between his shoulders like a small painting fit an overlarge frame, but victory did not always go to those with a physical advantage.


Why did his embrace have to feel warmer than the finest wool?


Her voice sang over his veins the way the wind sang against lines of a hoisted sail- the song sank all the way into his cock.

Need I say more?!

Oh, I’ll add this: even though this story can be read as a stand-alone, I recommend reading ‘Lady Vice’ first because a good chunk of Sophia and Lord Randolph’s story begins in it. Besides, ‘Lady Vice’ is an amazing story none of you should pass 😉

Melanie for b2b

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher


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