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‘His Proposal, Their Forever’ by Melissa McClone

hptf mmccSTORY: Looking for a forever home

Available: Justin McMillian, real estate developer

Age: 32 (or 224 in dog years)

Justin McMillian has brown hair and blue eyes and he loves women. He’s had just one previous owner, but we believe he can be trained. Currently, he is intent on tearing down the Broughton Inn, and he needs the right woman to refocus his energies. If you take Justin on, you will be richly rewarded with passionate kisses…even if he thinks he’s not yet ready for forever.

Stubborn artist Bailey Cole is interested in taking home this handsome stray…but Justin plans to destroy the historic inn she adores. He could ruin her life’s work in one fell swoop! We are optimistic that one special person can counteract Justin’s temperamental issues—but could that be Bailey?

REVIEW: Bailey Cole is an artist who lives in Haley’s Bay, Washington.  She loves this town and has lived here all of her life.  Many members of her family and many of her siblings live here as well.  Haley has always loved the Broughton Inn where a group of artists have been able to show and sell their work to the many tourists who visit the town.

Justin McMillian is part of the dynamic McMillian Resorts group.  They build resorts and Justin supervises the demolition of structures and rebuilding of a new resort.

Early one morning, we find Justin with his demolition crew ready to demolish the Broughton Inn.  Bailey calls the police and jumps in to stop them.  There is artwork from her fellow artists inside and she must retrieve it.  The police arrive and find that the permit is invalid and, as the property is listed on the Federal Register of Historical Places, there are big restrictions about what can be done to it.  In addition, Bailey learns that her extremely wealthy brother has purchased the Inn for her as a gift.  But, McMillian Resorts has purchased it too.  When they find that the previous owner, Floyd Jeffries, sold the property to both buyers on the same day for cash and then fled the country, they realize they have been the victims of a huge scam.  Now, it’s up to the courts to sort it out.

While the problem is being sorted out, Justin and Bailey begin a friendship of sorts after rescuing and adopting a stray dog.  Bailey’s close family is very protective of her and they let Justin know that.  His respect for her and her family shows and soon their attraction starts to heat up.

How can they ever be together if they are on different sides of a battle to win the Broughton Inn?

This is a sweet, true-to-life story of people in a small town and how everyone knows everyone else and cares for each other.  I enjoyed this book very much and look forward to reading more from author Melissa McClone.

Connie for b2b

Complimentary copy provided by the author


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