Book Review

‘The Knockoff’ by Lucy Sykes and Jo Plazza

tk ls jpSTORY: When Imogen returns to work at Glossy after six months away, she can barely recognize her own magazine. Eve, fresh out of Harvard Business School, has fired “the gray hairs,” put the managing editor in a supply closet, stopped using the landlines, and hired a bevy of manicured and questionably attired underlings who text and tweet their way through meetings.

Imogen, darling of the fashion world, may have Alexander Wang and Diane von Furstenberg on speed dial, but she can’t tell Facebook from Foursquare and once got her iPhone stuck in Japanese for two days. Under Eve’s reign, Glossy is rapidly becoming a digital sweatshop—hackathons rage all night, girls who sleep get fired, and “fun” means mandatory, company-wide coordinated dances to Beyoncé.

Wildly out of her depth, Imogen faces a choice—pack up her Smythson notebooks and quit, or channel her inner geek and take on Eve to save both the magazine and her career.

REVIEW: Imogen Tate is a 40-year-old woman just returning to work after having been on sick leave from her job for six months.  She is editor in chief of “Glossy” magazine and a very dynamic and well-respected woman in the fashion industry.  She is immediately met with her younger assistant, Eve, who had left some time ago to complete an MBA program at Harvard.  It appears that Eve has been rehired, placed in charge of the office and has made some very major changes.  There will no longer be physical magazines published.  Instead, it will all be online.

Her idea is to use the idea of “pop-up” advertising to get people to buy items.  Imogen’s head is spinning as she’s listening to this new-to-her style of using social media sites for doing business.  In addition, Eve has instituted a policy where she wants her employees working constantly.  She doesn’t need sleep so why should anyone else?  Imogen is determined to try to move over to this way of doing business but it a real struggle for her.

Eve proves herself to be an evil, hateful young woman hellbent on making the employees’ lives miserable.  Imogen works hard to keep up but finds that Eve’s back-stabbing ways are getting to be more than she can handle.

Will she be able to stay the course?  What about the other employees and the fate of “Glossy” itself?

Do come and watch Eve in action.  You thought the devil in “The Devil Wears Prada” was bad.  You haven’t seen anything yet.

I admit that my head was swimming as I was trying to keep up with all the social media sites and the technical terminology myself.  But, I did learn a few things.  I think that readers are really going to enjoy this novel and learn a lot from it.  No, not just technology things, but life lessons on how to be a real person.

Connie for b2b


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