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#Ask Outlander with @caitrionabalfe!

asko cait


Alrighty peeps… Bring It ON… Start your questions now

What’s your favourite radio station with

Currently a personal 80s compilation tape..

What is something you miss about the states while in Scotland?

So many things… Mostly my friends, NY theatre and LA art galleries

How many of Diana’s books have you read & which one is your favorite?

I’ve read two, Outlander and DIA… The first was the most special but DIA is great too

Are you a born badass or is it something you have been working on?

Born to be WILD !!!

How do you handle the film schedule? Do u ever think I CAN’T DO IT TODAY?! What if u have cramps or get sick?

You visit the nurse, get a huge coffee and muddle through, but yeah sometimes it ain’t easy

Is it difficult for you to make yourself cry on cue or are you just “in that place”?

Whenever I look @SamHeughan I want to cry… JOB DONE

Does the cast get together off set often?

Sometimes… when someone mentions whiskey, or sushi or beer or…

Best thing about Frank Randall?

Sweet man, that try his best… Kind eyes!!

Loved your singing in 114! Will you sing in Season 2 – Lullaby perhaps?

Please no, I hope not!!

Has your family been on set yet for S2?

No not yet for S2… but I’m sure they will

Who inspires you the most? =)

My amazing friends… !!!

What was the last music you heard?

New girl called SOAK

Which one do you like so far season one or season two costumes @draiochta14

@draiochta14 Like fav children – I couldn’t choose, but fun to try out a new look!!

You’ve amazed me each week!! Would you fall in love with Jamie? Is he your type?

Sweet, sensitive, funny and thoughtful??? Nope not my type!! 😉

Which scene do you think is the most romantic in the next season? I’m looking forward for “The Boat” one!

When they reconnect after the duel…

How do you like riding horses throughout the show? Beautiful horses and countryside!

One of the most magical things I have had the pleasure of doing!!!

The series is turning into a worldwide phenomenon! Are you preparing yourself for what this may entail?

What can I expect???

Why in this season your character spend most of the time with crossed-arms?

Where would you have me put them??? Bum roll in the way!!!

What countries or cities would you like to visit?

I dream of visiting Mongolia

Have you been injured on set?

Ask Tobias!!! @TobiasMenzies

Have a scene that you are anxious to record this new season?

The duel and its aftermath… (no spoilers..!!)

What’s your dream role (besides Claire, of course)?

Anything that teaches me something about humanity that I didn’t already know

Can you tell us something about your chemistry test with @Samheughan that we don’t already know?!

@Samheughan They made me take my high heels off

What do you think about story beyond and after “Dragonfly in Amber“?

It’s all a mystery to me… I’ve yet to read…

My question is what are your thoughts on the upcoming #Wentworth ep? Having read the books I know its brutal

Then you know whats coming… We stay true to the books

Don’t knock Cindy Lauper! She, too, is a Bad Ass Lass. And she is on The Goonies Soundtrack.

@SamHeughan @andrew_finnie Who was knocking??? Not me

Is really hot in real life as in TV?

@SamHeughan Nope, the makeup team really do an amazing job!!

No wolves, but will there be cows in the Wentworth escape scene?

Couldn’t say Mooooooooooo

What does @SamHeughan think of Eddie? does he get along with her? #divafaceoff!

@SamHeughan Still waiting for the offer to cat sit..!!

For the sake of all that’s holy, can you please beat @SamHeughan in tennis?!?

@SamHeughan That’ll be easy, the challenge will be @TobiasMenzies

Your accent is very good. I wouldn’t have guessed that you weren’t English. Are accents fairly easy for you?

It’s a part of acting I really enjoy… Accents allow you access to different parts of yourself I think

How often do hair ppl have to perm ur hair to get the cute curls or, do u have natural wave they enhance?

I had it permed twice last year… This year trying something new!!!

What are they doing to age you and Sam for the second book?

They’ll just work us hard for a few weeks then won’t have too!!

Any advice on surviving the Wentworth episode? I don’t think my heart & mind can withstand the pain.

Remember its TV… and have a stiff drink and a pillow near at hand..!

What was the last lie you told?

@TallShipProds … that she wasn’t my favorite producer… Course she is!!

What is ur favourite italian fashion designer?

Love Valentino!!

What’s your favourite place in the world?

Nepal (and sending love to all there) or my friends place in Mexico.

Have u ever been in Argentina??? If not please visits us

Yes I was in Buenos Aires once… LOVED IT!

What is the most surprising aspect of being part of the Outlander adventure?

Just how much I love it all

Are you already on location filming season 2?

Yes we started a week ago…

What was your favorite location to film in terms of scenery? I’ve never been abroad and am jealous!

Loch Rannoch, hands down…. Stunning and there is magic there..

All of my friends and I LOVED your singing and performance in the last epi. How was it filming that sequence?


Will I get reply from you? Just once

YES 😉 xx

I wonder if Scots can dance salsa. Do you know @caitrionambalfe? Cc @SamHeughan

@SamHeughan Now why on earth would anyone want to see that.????

Hi! What advice would you give to a girl who wants to be an actress and generally achieve their dreams? 🙂

Work hard, invest in your craft and have fun!!

If you could witness anything in life what would it be?

Nasca Lines

Easy to get back to your acting role Claire after that amount of time between?

It was like we never left… In the best way.

If you could act with anyone dead or alive who would you pick?

Gena Rowlands and her deceased husband John Cassavetes

How opulent and out there will the French court costumes be?

As we say… Go Big Or Go Home

Outlander pilot starts here in Finland in about 20 minutes. Any last words?

Enjoy !!!!! xxxx

We know your sister and @SamHeughan run triathlons. Will you join the club anytime soon?

@SamHeughan Is there a pill for motivating lazy asses????

What was the last scene shot for S1?

I believe my last one, they had me in cage…. (not sure it was actually for the show!?!?)

What do you admire most about Claire?

Resilience, intelligence and strength… She’s got it all

How r u liking fan interaction w Twitter? Treating u nicely I hope

It’s incredibly humbling and fun too!! They are very generous and it is much appreciated

Will the events of Wentworth be shown in flashback form or “real time” chronologically? So dreading this.

Got to watch and see!!!

I heard that this coming episode is going to be hard to watch? How hard was it to film?

Pretty tough but we are all proud of it… I’m very proud of @SamHeughan @TobiasMenzies Really went there

How did Eddie do on the plane ride?

She was a trooper… Just hungry on arrival!!

What’s the future scene you are more excited to shoot?

Maybe La Dame Blanche scene..? That should be fun

Cait?? Can I get a reply?? Pretty please with sugar on top!

Sugar is bad for you !! ;-))) xxx

If you could play any character besides Claire Beauchamp, who would it be?

Mrs Fitz… not as well as Annette Badlands though!!

If you were on a deserted island and could only bring one thing… What would it be?

Food… otherwise I wouldn’t last very long!!

Will you see The Wentworth prison episode??? Alone or with @SamHeughan ?

@SamHeughan I have already seen it .. Alone. Pretty harrowing but amazing stuff

HI! Have you already proved the beautiful Claire’s new wardrobe??

It’s amazing @driochta14 has really outdone herself

Do you have any advice to be more confident?? PLEASE 😦

Remember, everyone thinks everyone else has it more together than them… Simply not true!! We’re all a mess

When you started reading DIA were you as surprised by the 1st chapter as the rest of us?


Is it hard to switch from Cait to Claire? Or is it second nature now?

No… I can turn it off pretty easy x

Have you been to any of Glasgows art galleries or museums? If so which do you like best?

Yes was at GOMA on Sunday. Pretty cool!

How are the French lessons going?

Tres bien

What’s the first thing you do when you arrive at set?

The lovely Jude usually hands me a coffee … Then I let them speak to me ;-)) ( jking !!!!!)

Do you have any superstitions regarding auditions?

Just have worked really hard… And don’t talk about it until you got the job

Who is the biggest flirt on set @TobiasMenzies or @SamHeughan or you?

@TobiasMenzies @SamHeughan It’s like asking who’s the better athlete Mo Farrah or Roger Federer…

@SamHeughan Do u and Sam break out laughing at times?? What will make u laugh usually?

@SamHeughan All the time… Usually for no reason

Can you tell something WEIRD about @SamHeughan ? Or he is literally PERFECT??W?

@SamHeughan No one is perfect… But he…… comes pretty close #Samyouowemeatenner

Is there something on a person what make you dislike her/him immediately?

Arrogance … or Rude

Favourite ‘dad joke’ Caitriona?

Horse walks into a bar.. Barman says Whats with the long face??

Were you really starting to laugh when Drunk Jamie put his chin on your shoulder or was it scripted?

Wanted to show she found it funny even though pretending to be annoyed…

The sweetest thing @SamHeughan has done for you?

Been a good friend

Why are Claire and Jamie so stubborn?

Because sometimes when you are a strong person and used to taking control, it can be hard to switch it off.

What’s your go to karaoke song?


Cait!! why won’t you notice me?? Looking forward to playing a pregnant Claire?? Do you get to eat for two?

It’ll be a new experience … always fun to do something different..

What is your fav movies or tv dramas? Except outlander of course

Fav movies.. Full Metal Jacket, Manhattan, A woman is a woman, Breakfast at Tiffanys

What is the first thing you do after a long day of filming?

Eat, learn lines then sleep!!!!

Wow, thats all folks… sorry if I missed your question. Thanks for tuning in Mmuuuah xxxx


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  1. Thank you so much for transcribing that and posting a link on the FB page, for all of us who don’t twitter. We appreciate it!

    1. You are so welcome 🙂
      Please check out all the other #AskOutlander posts from Twitter.
      Hope you come back 😉

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