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Outlander – #1.14, Let’s discuss!

o114 1a

This episode picks up mere moments after Claire learns that Jamie has been captured by the redcoats.

o114 1o114 2

We see Jenny holding wee Maggie while giving instructions to Mrs. Crook to milk the goat, giving the viewer a clear sign that she’s getting ready to head out to search for her brother. At the same time Ian is talking to Claire and trying very hard to talk her into letting him go with her, which she rebuffs for obvious reasons, like his leg is missing and Jenny also points out to him that he’s wounded in one arm, so feeling inadequate, he offers to at least draw Claire a map of where they were ambushed and separated.

Talk about being impotent! I felt sorry for the guy. I can only imagine how Jenny’s declaration, to join Claire in this search, went!

o114 3 o114 4

As Claire is mounting a horse, Jenny runs down the stairs and mounts her own and the two set out to track down Jamie.

The first thing that hits me is the tune accompanying their hard ride, tracking and the whole search montage. It’s a Scottish folk tune, ‘My Bonnie Moorhen’, arranged in such a way that it reminded me of the old Spaghetti Westerns [and if you’ve never heard of those, that tells you how old I am!].

Our daring duo is successful in finding the redcoats and while they spot Taran, the head Watch dude, they can’t see Jamie, so as soon as they see one of the redcoats leave the camp, they head out to intercept him.

o114 5 o114 6

As Jenny plays the damsel in distress, Claire shows up with a pistol and both women point their weapons to the man’s head. Next we see Jenny pull some torture moves on the poor bloke, while Claire is beseeching him to tell them where the tall redheaded Highlander is. This guy’s not saying anything, and Claire is squirming at Jenny’s tactics, and as soon as she hears the man say he’s only a courier, she heads on to inspect his dispatches and finds a letter in which it says that Jamie had escaped them and they need help in catching him.

o114gOutlander 2014

Jenny promptly rips it into pieces, assesses that Jamie wouldn’t go to Lallybroch, but would certainly keep going even further north so that redcoats wouldn’t follow that deep into Highlands.

Outlander 2014

That accomplished, our nurse Claire is getting ready to bind the wounds of a redcoat, when Jenny stops her to tell her that they can’t let the guy live. Claire goes all righteous on her and while they’re having it out, who shall save the day but Murtagh.

Now that the redcoat is dead, they set up a camp and spend the night together. I liked the way women bonded as they were setting up the camp and at the camp fire.


The next day Jenny is getting ready to head out to Lallybroch and she gives Claire some advice along with Ian’s sgian-dubh. Claire decides to give Jenny some advice as well, warning her to plant potatoes, get rid of any land not producing for gold, and be ready for famine and war [I wish they also added the line about the Priest hole/it’s important for the future episodes]. Jenny acknowledges all that Claire has to say because her brother told her she may do so, and for her to pay heed to it. They part as sisters, with Jenny kissing Claire’s cheek and we’re reminded of when Claire gave her one on the steps of Lallybroch as Jenny gave her the tusk bracelets. Very touching moment.

o114 29o114 9

Now that Jenny’s off to Lallybroch, Claire and Murtagh come up with a plan to establish her as a healer and instead of them searching, they hope Jamie would find them, so off they go scouring the highlands, traveling across the fields and through forests, from village to village in hopes that Jamie will hear of a Sassenach healer and her Highland dancing companion.

o114 10o114 30

Murtagh sucks at this dance thing and Claire suggests to him to enliven his dance with a more catching tune, like ‘Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy’!


Upon hearing her sing the tune, Murtagh thinks she may be right! And we have now Claire, dressed as a man, singing the tune but with bawdy Scottish lyrics.

o114 11 o114 12 o114 14 o114 32

It so happens that a gipsy king comes to like their act so much that he and his merry cohorts are more than happy to steal it from them and perform it themselves.


Claire’s not so happy about it and makes a deal with the guy to let her perform it, paying him with all the money Jenny gave her [WHAT?!].

 o114 15 o114 16

Murtagh tries to tell her she’s not playing this right, but she gets all stubborn and pulls rank on him. Of course, that’ll bite her in the ass later on!

As they go from place to place, over hills and waters, they come to a place that is all water, and basically they hit the bottom. Spending the night in the cave by the water, both are frustrated and angry so they buttheads and come out of it friends. We find out why he loves Jamie as a son, and also that he gave Ellen those tusk bracelets. Another touching moment.

o114 17 o114 18 o114 19 o114 20 o114 21 o114 22

In the morning they set out back to where they started, and finally that gypsy king approaches Claire giving her a message from Jamie. He’ll meet her at Glen Rowan Cross. Claire and Murtagh rush off right away.

o114 23 o114 24

In the end, she doesn’t find Jamie but Dougal. He tells her that Jamie has been caught, tried and sentenced to hang. He’s at Wentworth prison awaiting execution. He also has a proposition for her. Marry him for her protection, as Jamie would want that for her. She won’t hear of it, and while he still may have a chance, she will do anything to save him. However, if those options aren’t available to her anymore, she’ll marry him [WHAT?!]. She also wants his men to help her out in this endeavor, but Dougal tells her he’s not so keen to hand over his men, but if any of them want to volunteer, he won’t stand in their way.

o114 25 o114 26

Claire tries to rally them, but none are willing to go but wee Willy, shaming Angus and Rupert and off the little posse goes.

o114 27 o114 28

The end of this episode looks so sad as we catch a glimpse of the huge fortress ahead as our Fierce Five is looking on.

This episode left me in knots, sad and disappointed at the same time. While we had awesome musical arrangements throughout the episode, a reminder that our chick is from 1940’s, gypsies, dancing and breathtaking Scottish scenery, I was left wanting. This is my least favorite episode. I finally figured out why! I missed Jamie and I hated the plot about the gypsy king stealing the song. What was all that about?! It was completely unnecessary.

While I know he was gone for a reason, I think adding scenes of Jamie making his escape, on the run and hiding out and finally being recaptured, would have added more suspense than not having him at all.

Given the many Jamie POV scenes added this half of the season, I’m surprised they opted out of having us see more of him. Instead, we got this weird gypsy story that went nowhere. It just didn’t fit.

I forgot to mention the “boob scene” with Jenny. I loved it and it was great that finally we see boobs for what they’re made for: food for our wee ones! I hear Canadian station cut the scene out and women went all out on them. Good for us!

What I liked most about this episode was more of Murtagh. I was happy to see his character come to life big time!

My heart went out to him as he related the story of how the bracelets came to be. His love for Jamie and his mother was all on his weathered face.

All in all, ‘The Search’ wasn’t so bad because it had several memorable scenes from the book and as usual the subtle performances by the entire cast are greatly appreciated.

And now I need to get ready for the last two … Have you gotten your survival kit ready?


I’ve booked my daughter and bought couple of bottles of my favorite wine 😉

What did you think of this episode?


7 thoughts on “Outlander – #1.14, Let’s discuss!”

  1. It was silly and you are right, it left you wanting, who were these people singing and tap dancing through the highlands, all we needed was a yellow brick road.

    1. LOL! EXACTLY!
      I was so let down 😦 but then I thought about the rest of it and like a lot of people are saying, this episode was extremely close to the book, excePT the gypsy king stealing the song.

  2. Just a point of clarification. Claire told Jenny to plant potatoes to help bolster their store houses from the coming famine, not tomatoes, something that would never grow in the cold climate of Scotland.

    1. OMG! I can’t believe I wrote TOMATOES!!!! I know it’s POTATOES!!!
      I can’t stop laughing now 😉 Thanks for catching it! I corrected it. Besides that, what did you think of my thoughts and how did you like this episode?

  3. Thx Patty I was going to point out the tomato comment too. What I really liked the most was Bear McCreary ‘s score on this episode. He is finally doing more traditional Scottish folk songs and not relying on” Comin Through tbe Rye” so much. I think he did that cos thot US audiences would need the familiar. I dont think that and already loved “Laddie Lie Near Me ” and was glad to hear it at the spot where Claire and Murtagh reach the sea. The words are so poignant for what is happening here at this point in the story . Im glad to have u say the name of another Scottish folk song as well. Now I can look up the words to it. I think I recognized another one but not sure of it’s name. I sent a message to Bear on his webpage asking for more titles of the Scottish folk songs he is using in these later shows for benefit of those fans who want to look up words. That kind of knowledge does add to the richness of the tv show I think. I very much like ur blog but never knew about it til now. Thx

    1. LOL!
      I’ll never live that down 😦
      thanks so much for stopping by and commenting 🙂
      I can’t tell you how much I loved the score in this one!!!! It was like being in 7th Heaven 😉 Bear is pure genius!
      Also happy you found my blog. We aim to please here so keep stopping by!



  4. I didn’t mind the gypsies and the way their role was portrayed. I kind of think not seeing Jamie added to the tension. If he doesn’t make an appearance, then things really must be getting bad. I think it was a good play because we don’t see his handsome visage and the next time we see him…well, we’ll easily be able to tell he’s been through hell since last we saw him. I’m gathering my prep kit for 1:15 as we speak. 🙂

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