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I’m ready to answer everyone’s questions about all things !!! Ask Away!

#ToniGraphia said the writers like to play the game of what other job they’d like to do on set. What’s yours?

I’d like to operate the camera!

Could you ask Mail for me how many episodes ahead are the writers?

You can ask yourself! WE have 7 scripts written so far. #Woo-Hoo!

Question 2 is do the writers take the actors strengths and weaknesses into account?


What personal skill/trait do you use most often to do your job as an Executive Producer?

Hmmmm, mediation?

I’m keep hoping to see an interview of you. Did I miss any? Are any scheduled?

You guys are the only ones who ever want to talk to me!!

Who do you spend most time with on set?

I’m usually hanging out with whichever writer/Producer is here

During your time in Scotland have you tried any local dishes? #haggis

Absolutely not. I will leave Scotland never having tasted Haggis or Blood pudding..

What ever happened to “Heard in the Writer’s Room?” We would love to get little snippets — love you guys!

I will start up again once Season One is finished….

When there’s a disagreement (never ) about how things are portrayed how do U settle it? Pull straws ?

At the end of the day, as showrunner, @RonDMoore gets to make the call 🙂

What was your first big break in the business?

I began my career as a production assistant on Star Trek

How often are you actually on set for filming?

Usually every day. I go in the am, then go to office. Then go back. #washandrepeat

What job could you absolutely NOT do on set?

Um, any other job except mine? #WheredoIBegin?

Do you feel changes on show re. books have been welcome or have you got petitions asking 2be more faithful ? TY

We’re never going to please everyone. and I think the writers have done an amazing job with a tough task

any event where you would love to see #Outlander recognized that it’s hasn’t been so far?

I’d take the Emmys 🙂

would you stand a chance drinking against @caitrionambalfe? @draiochta14 said no contest if she tried.

Absolutely not.No one can out drink @caitrionambalfe She is a lady with skills.

What is the feature that made you decide Bouton was “the” one?

When you see him, you’ll know!

Any chance they filmed Jamie’s “let me be brave enough” lines at the stones so we can see them on DVD?

No, we didn’t film that line. Sorry!

What do you guys in the Writers’ Room do to break the tension and keep things fun?

Drink and play naked Twister…

Who does all the cooking on the show? Is there a menu set up? And most of all who eats it!!

We have caterers. and they put out a menu at lunch. 🙂 Not sure there’s a world class eater among the group?

Are you a whisky drinker? If so, what’s your fave? And fave shooting location in Scotland?

I am TRYING to be a whisky drinker. I think #Scapa is my “favorite” so far

How excited are you about .@draiochta14 costumes for season 2? #ICantWait

They are FRICKIN amazing. Terry has outdone herself! #soproud

As a book reader, are you ever torn when, for the purposes of television, you have to omit certain scenes?

Yes, constantly. Hardest part of my job is when I have to take off my fan hat

As big a tease in person as he is on Twitter?

@TheMattBRoberts Good sense of humor in person too #WereALLTeases

taste great or less filling? Giants or Dodgers? Banoffe or StickyToffeePudding?

Have to go Dodgers since I’m an LA gal &Good Sticky Toffee wins out over Banoffe by a hair!

What are you most proud of on Outlander?

That we’re making it the way we want to. & proud of our amazing cast and crew. We would NOT be here w/out them.

Celebrity crush?

Kevin Costner or Robert Redford #LeSigh

Your title varies in the credits episode by episode, can you tell us about that?

It does? It shouldn’t. It’s the same every time!

Your title varies in the credits episode by episode, can you tell us about that?

It does? It shouldn’t. It’s the same every time!

Trying to guess what the cliffhanger will be at the end of the season. Will you use something from DIA?

Wouldn’t you like to know! And I wish I could tell you! You’ll find out soon!

Do you have any advice for the ladies who do Claire’s curly hair on set?

Absolutely not. They are much more skilled with #ClaireHair than I am!!! We have an AMAZING hair/MU team!

How long will it take to film the complete Season 2?

Give or take 10 months?

Wasn’t there a big disagreement if Jamie would actually kiss Laoghaire or not?

Yes, I didn’t think they should kiss, but I did agree that he SHOULD be tempted

Did you read all the books ?

Of course!!!! I’ve read them all more than once #truefan

have you thought ahead to further books…what do you think will be the most difficult set to create/use?

Yes, but only in general terms. Can’t think past season 2 yet!

why do all extras on stars are region restricted? Outlander has fans all over the world!

Well, among other reasons, you’d have to be available more than just one day.

From the episodes we’ve seen, do you have a few favorite scenes? I know, hard to pick one.

Love them all, but I loved the spanking scene in 109 and the first sex scene in 107 🙂

If you weren’t in the entertainment field, what would be doing?

I’d probably work in sports. Huge sports fan!

Other than Outlander, do you have a favorite book in the series? Or the one you are really hoping to film?

I love A Breath of Snow and Ashes. I HOPE we get that far!

How long did you cry when my Bucks beat your Ducks?

I’m still crying….

Have you played tennis with any other cast members beside Cait? I hear ur a pro.

@caitrionambalfe & I have played w/ @TobiasMenzies Hate to admit it, but he’s good. We will beat him soon!

Favorite place to vacation.

ALOHA – Hawaii!

I have a sister in Eugene OR. I see you’re a big Ducks fan. What’s your connection with that wonderful city?

I grew up in lovely Portland, Oregon and my dad and brother went to Oregon. HUGE #Ducks fan!

Are u willing to reveal thoughts about whether we will see adaptation of Voyager?

If I knew, I would! That’s not really up to us. It’s up to @Outlander_Starz

what can we do to get you on the stage at the next Panel ?

I would love that! May I suggest pestering @Outlander_Starz 🙂

Out of all the #Outlander characters. Which character is your favorite or which one are you most like? 🙂

Aside from the usual suspects, I love young Fergus and young Ian

When & how did you discover the books? Did you get engaged immediately, did you think about a future project?TY

Well, @TheMattBRoberts gave them to me years ago and I knew that I had to be involved.

What’s your favorite hair product to keep the curls at bay in rainy Scotland or do you hat and ponytail it?

I swear by @Ouidad climate control gel. It’s the BEST

We’re dying to know who’ll play Brianna & Roger. Is there anything you can tell us?

Sadly, I can’t tell you a lot about casting other than we have cast a lot of the roles. #soonMyPretties

Has working on the second season been any easier than the first or is it a whole new set of challenges?

Second season is challenging. DIA isn’t as easy to adapt.

What do you do in your spare time?

What spare time?

Who’s more stubborn @SamHeughan or @caitrionambalfe

Ooooooh. That’s tough. I’d say both equally? But also equally charming! #diplomat

How much input do you have as to what goes into an episode & do you ever disagree about any script changes?

I’m fortunate to get to sit in the writers room and I do give notes on scripts. And yes, sometimes we disagree! 🙂

Could you give us a brief overview of what exactly an executive producer does?

LOL – Too hard to answer with only 140 characters!

With all the flying you did recently, do you get to stay put for a while in Scotland?

No, I go back and forth quite a bit!

Will you guys be shooting episodes in order

Yes and no. they are in order, but sometimes scenes in episodes are filmed in later blocks.

Will there be a Claire killing a wolf scene this season? Thank you !

Um, SPOILER ALERT. I can’t tell you that!!!! 🙂

How many other people in addition to you are involved in the casting process?

When it comes to choosing, also the writers and the director.

What’s your guilty food pleasure while in Scotland?

Favorite guilty pleasure foods are french fries (aka: chips) and dessert! 😉

What do you enjoy most when you are on set?

The director rehearsals where we run lines with the actors

Will you continue switching writers and directors in Season 2?

Our writers won’t change. Same AMAZING staff for S2. Some new directors and some old for S2

Ron mentioned instances in which u clearly fought for female gaze (BIG THANK U). Could u give us more examples?

I’m not sure I fight for “female gaze” specifically. I just fight for the book

Were you on set today? Who’s filming right now?

I’m kind of on set now. But at base camp talking to you fine folks.

Kiss, marry, kill of Outlander men?

Not sure my boyfriend would appreciate this question & I have to work with these guys! #PASS

Are you and the rest of the cast and crew feeling the love?

We are. Thank you! the fans are amazing!

What is your favorite thing about filming in Scotland?

The people. I say it a lot, but it’s true. we have the best crew.

Everybody else is filming right now?

Yes, we are filming as we speak….

if you all could challenge another show to a game of dodgeball, who would you challenge?

Game of Thrones? I think we could take them

Are you going Munroe bagging with @SamHeughan this season?

@SamHeughan Definitely not and I’d prefer he kept to low ground!!! I’m talking to you, Sam! 😉

I know it must be exhausting but does it feel like work or a labor of love?

It IS a labor of love, yes.

@SamHeughan challenge him to a game of tennis?

& I have challenged Sam to a game of tennis many times. #chicken?

 wow wow wow… Don’t want to show you up….

.@SamHeughan @polamac100 @strickler_sue @caitrionambalfe Just name the place and the time, Beav. #Ismellachallenge

Thx to everyone for participating in Sorry I couldn’t answer them all!Tune in for a new ep. Tomorrow! 9pm on



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