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Outlander – #1.13, Let’s discuss!


This is the episode that had me on the edge of my seat because it differed just enough from the book to be fresh for me, and I liked that very much. It also picked up right where it left off, with Jamie cornered by some not so good-looking Highlanders armed to the rafters and one of them pointing his pistol at Jamie’s head.

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It also had a lot of heartwarming moments to make you weep and about that a bit later on.


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Once more it’s no surprise that direction, cinematography, lighting and acting from the regulars, such as Sam and Cait, was perfection, but what’s surprising to me in this episode was the new character that was introduced to us, that of the Watch leader, Taran McQuarrie. This is another proof that even though this character never appears in the books, the casting was superb in having Douglas Henshall play him.

Outlander113fire outlander113gg



I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching Jamie and Taran’s scenes as they’re playing cat and mouse, then slowly beginning to respect each other, yet still wary of one another’s motives. In watching Sam Heughan act with Outlander ensemble cast, I finally understood what actors mean when they talk about the “generosity” an actor gives of him/her in their scenes.

In an age when most actors are clamoring for more “air time” and always trying to “one-up” each other, here’s a guy that has no problem letting another draw from his talent and shine as much as he does.

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outlander113dd outlander113ff

We also had plenty of suspense in “hold your breath” moments such as the pointed gun at Jamie’s head, Horrocks arrival, the fire set on purpose by one of the watch guys, the eminent confrontation between Horrocks and Jamie and his demise, and one of my favorite moments of all [no, it’s not the beautiful scene of Claire and Jenny at the fireplace], which is Jamie taking a bite of bread as he looks Taran straight in the eyes as he says “ … so… I ran him through.”

LOVED IT! Right there, you see who Jamie really is. He may be young, but he’s seen and done a lot of killing and has no problem doing it especially if they’re threatening his “kith and kin”.

Just look at those eyes, man! They say it ALL!


On the road again ….

outlander113aa outlander113rr outlander113youtlander113x  outlander113zoutlander113l

The ambush! 


I really hope they don’t kill of Taran and have him come back in #DIA [now that they’ve started the shooting of Dragonfly in Amber I’m trying to get on board and use #DIA as much as I can].

The heartwarming moments I was referring to at the start of my post were plenty. From, Jenny talking about her family, brother and mother, to Jamie realizing he may never be a father; Ian’s admission to why he likes Taran, because he reminds him of Jamie, to Jenny telling Claire what being with a babe really feels like; Claire sending her man off once more into danger to Jenny accepting Claire as her sister-in-law by making her a gift of her mother’s bracelets.


outlander113qq113aoutlander113waitoutlander113wait1outlander113kiss outlander113love2

The scene with the most of emotional gravity has to go to Sam and Cait as Clair finally tells Jamie she may never be able to give him children. Talk about subtle acting! I was moved to tears as Claire tearfully tells him she’s tried it before and nothing happened, but watching Jamie’s face go numb with shock, then slowly realigning his thoughts from his pain to hers, reassuring her that it might be for the best. His words of acceptance and reassurance to her were so touching and perfectly executed. We all can feel his pain as Claire leaves the room and he just plops down by the bed, clearly in pain.



outlander113ll outlander113love outlander113love1 outlander113xx


The scene with Jamie taking his leave of Claire as he joins the Watch on their raid of Chisholm’s, was as sensual as the kiss they shared on their wedding night. That nod of the head both give each other after the kiss says so much more than the words could ever do. I’m sure that at this point in the series both actors are very familiar with who their characters are and what they would do and say, that at times they’re just letting them take over with these subtle movements and looks. The direction for these scenes in my opinion is not even necessary at this point.

outlander113kiss outlander113ss outlander113uu outlander113vv outlanderxx

Let me also mention how impressed I am with the birthing scenes and Laura Donnelly. I’ve seen her in a few TV and movie roles, so I knew she could “bring” it, but she not just brought it, she slam dunked this role!


BTW am I the only one that didn’t have any clue as to how babies were birthed in the 18th Century?!


Welcome to the world, Wee Maggie!

redcoats got him

I’m so not looking forward to the content of the next three episodes and I’ve already lined up my daughter to come and spend the night with me on the 29th-30th [I always catch the show at midnight Friday’s] and there will be drinking for sure! Will you be watching by yourself or with someone?


Tell me what amazed or disappointed you in this episode. Will Taran be back or will they kill him off?

Thanks for stopping by and if so inclined, please sound off here at the blog 😉 I welcome all opinions!

One more time of Jamie’s face as he hears Claire telling him they may never have kids.



4 thoughts on “Outlander – #1.13, Let’s discuss!”

    What really breaks my heart is that they DID have babies, but Jamie never saw either of them as babies, the first one stillborn and the second one in the 20th Century. No wonder he stayed with Willie as long as he did. And he didn’t even get to raise Willie! This just chokes me up.

    1. I know! I don’t know about you, but to me, the show is such a perfect compliment to the book. I’m loving every f’n moment they show us.
      Did you catch the nod they did when they parted? Not many people did! WHAT?! How could they not!!!

  2. I thought the writing and directing in this episode were marvelous to the Nth degree. It was so layered and multi-faceted, providing much food for thought. The new material with Taran MacQuarrie was masterful, I thought, in terms of ramping up the drama, and I love that they worked in some material from DG’s “Virgins” story about Jamie and Ian. Seeing Ian’s shock after he took care of Horrocks was a great representation of how some people react to violence, with the adrenaline surge and the shakes. It gave us a chance to see Ian as a hero, too, which some may have doubted because of his collaboration with the Watch. I have nothing but praise and admiration for this episode. The question in my mind now is: Are we going to see MacQuarrie again in another episode, and, if so, in what context?

    1. OMG! Connie Sandlin stopped by my blog?! I’m honored 🙂 Just read your BI article [tried to do it this morning at work and my comp there was unable to open the link!]

      I agree with you 150%. I’m very happy with the new material, even though it drove me banana’s in Ep. 8 with all this Frank stuff. I thought that Jamie’s character was going to suffer [and it did to an extent] but they’ve made it up to me 😉 in these new episodes.

      Taran MacQuarrie character was all their imagination so there’s nothing stopping them to bring him back. Claire said it herself that when she saved Jamie, there were other prisoners that escaped. Who’s to say that MacQuarrie wasn’t one of them. If I were RDM I’d keep the guy.

      Maril will be doing Q&A tomorrow at 10 am PT and we should ask her that 🙂

      Thanks so much for chiming in.



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