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#AskOutlander with @donnellylaura1!

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I’ve got a glass of scotch and I’m here to answer your Outlander questions. Fire away!

Do you feel like you relate to Jenny?

I definitely relate to her love for her family and willingness to do whatever it takes to protect the ones she loves

Have you ever thought about being on the other side of the camera -director?

Not yet. Acting has always been my passion. #neversaynever

Jenny is new fave! How hard was it to do the line about Jamie’s balls w/a straight face? Lots of takes?

No! Easy to be angry for Jenny there – not funny in her mind!

Did u originally test for Jenny?

I actually tested for Claire and Jenny at the same time! They made the right choice in @caitrionambalfe

Loved your performance as Jenny. Did you enjoy the play the river with @RealHughJackman, will you do anymore?

@RealHughJackman I will always do theatre whenever I can. it’s like coming home

How do you take your scotch #jennyfromthebroch?

With a cube of ice or a little water

What character would you have liked to play other than Jenny??

BJR would be fun. Villains are the best fun to play!

Best advice you ever got from your parents?

Don’t regret doing anything that truly felt right for you at the time, even if it didn’t work out well

If you could choose any time to travel to, when and where would you choose?

1930s for the clothes!

Was the accent hard to master? Because I’ve tried to do a Scottish accent and it is hard!

I studied in Scotland so I was pretty familiar with it

What has been the one character you’ve played that has stuck with you?

My character in The River

What is something about Jenny that you don’t like?

She could chill out a little bit!

Favorite place in Scotland?

The Last Drop in Edinburgh

What has been your favorite scene to shoot @donnellylaura1?

Some of the scenes with Claire in the next episode when Jenny goes in to labor

Can you describe Sam in just 3 words??

Kind, hardworking, fun

If you could keep one prop from the Lallybroch set, what would it be?

My horse! Does that count as a prop?!

What side of Jenny is most rewarding to play – Jenny as a sister, Jenny as a wife or Jenny as a mother?

So far actually Jenny as a sister!

Did u know about Outlander before Sam became involved?

Only through having just done my first audition too

Okay, one more…What’s the one thing you CANNOT live without on set?

I love having a hot water bottle for those cold highland days!

First off welcome to the fun. Were you surprised that they took the BJR scene ‘there’?

Not really. I think it was important for that scene to b a bit disturbing to understand Jenny

Have you read Outlander? If you did how did you feel about the way they changed your character in the show?

I read it in preparation for the role. I trusted our brilliant writers to do whatever they think is best

What would be your DREAM role to tackle?

I’d love to give ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf’ a go at some point

Did this project change your popularity?

What with my friends? No they liked me anyway 😉

Proudest life moment?

My Broadway début last year

Between takes, to maintain costume integrity do you lean against inclined boards or just stand?! Or??

A lot of standing! And taking heartburn tablets!

Are your family members fans of the show?

It has only just come to the UK so they are just beginning to get in to it

What’s your go to guilty pleasure? (Chocolate brownies here)

Marathon Dr Phil viewings!

What about the Outlander experience has surprised you the most?

The fans! Amazing dedication!

Ms. Donnelly, My question is this? Would you have played Jenny differently if it weren’t Sam being Jamie?

Probably. You feed off the other actors

What’s your idea of a perfect day off?

Late sleeps, cook dinner for my friends, music on, eat and drink and chat in to the early hours

Biggest costume challenge?

Squished baby bump under corset!

What’s your favorite incoming episode?

Ep 14 – Claire and Jenny = Thelma and Louise!

Have you read the whole series of books?

No, don’t want to get ahead of my character and know what’s coming

Do you have any ritual before shooting a scene?

Just staying quiet and calm and focused

Favorite things to cook?

Roast chicken, roast whole trout, Mexican food. Anything!

If not acting, what career was ur second choice?

I got accepted in to Edinburgh university to study law and history. Glad I didn’t go for it!

Favorite drink? #TGIF

Whatever you’ve got!

I saw you in The River and you were extraordinary. What do you think the play was about in 140 characters? 🙂

Human beings trying to connect

What is the first thing you do after a long day of shooting?


Fondest childhood memory?

Fits of giggles with my siblings over silly things

What are enjoying about your role in Beowulf?

Thrilling story lines and lots of horse riding!

On the days your shooting, what time do you have to be on set and how long does your day last?

Pick up can be 5:30 am and the day usually ends at 7pm

The best part about acting? Do you like period pieces?

Getting to live different lives in my short time on earth. I love period drama

Have you seen any of scripts for season 2 yet and if so what are you looking forward to most?

Haven’t seen a thing. Which is exciting!

What do you do for fun?

Hang out with my friends, hike, eat out, and eat at home. Eat. Eat. Eat…

Jenny is ‘tell it like it is’ kind of gal, are you the same way?

No. I’m not as brave as she is!

Fraser o Murray?

Once a Fraser always a Fraser!


Are you aware of all the hoopla that was brought up after the scene with @TobiasMenzies ?

@TobiasMenzies Ha! Maybe not!

In what way is Jenny/Jamie’s relationship most similar to that of your own siblings? Most different?

My siblings and I don’t fight very much. But we can get on each others’ nerves!

What kind of wife for Jamie would *you* expect?

A 1700s WAG?

What is your favorite thing that you got TO DO in the show?

Horse riding. I love it now!

What did you learn from working w @RealHughJackman on Broadway?

@RealHughJackman That you’re never too famous to be a lovely person with time for everyone

How do you come back down after filming a highly charged emotional scene?

Usually having a good laugh helps!

What’s the best advice you ever got?

Say yes as much as possible. (Except when a stranger offers you sweets!)

Laura, what do you like most about Scotland?

My family is there

Are you feisty like Jenny?

Some might say so…  😉

What is your favorite Disney movie?

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves – I was obsessed with being her as a child (and still a bit now tbh!)

If you had to choose between Jamie or Jenny as one of your siblings, which one would you choose and why?

Jenny’s a bit more reliable!

Recommended places to visit in Scotland?

Glencoe. Beautiful!

Mountain or beach?


Who would your dream actor be?

To work with? Daniel Day Lewis

If you drink, what is your favorite cocktail?

Dirty Martini

How is work with @caitrionambalfe and @SamHeughan and @Outlander_Starz cast? Greetings from Brazil.

@caitrionambalfe@SamHeughan@Outlander_Starz An absolute pleasure!

Have you worked with @SamHeughan or @caitrionambalfe before? If so, when?

@SamHeughan@caitrionambalfe went to drama school with Sam and did a film with him

Is there anything you regret?

No regrets. I don’t believe in them!

Anyone over for dinner, dead or alive… who would it be?

Mr. Stephen Fry. Isn’t that everyone’s answer?!

I noticed u hold ur prosthetic belly a lot. How do u like the feeling of being pregnant?

Let’s just say I was ok with taking it off at the end of the day!

Your best quality and worst defect?

I’m loyal and a good listener. I can be very lazy and I don’t like to do anything I don’t consider to be fun.

What is the most difficult thing about your job?

Not having a job!

I just want to say You are my favourite actress! Lots of Love from Hungary! (Have you ever been in Hungary? :$)

Thank you! Very briefly for one day filming Missing for ABC

When do you film again?

Later this year

Do you have a favorite actor/actress that you look up to?

Many. Judi Dench is the icon though

Was Tobias really slapping you in that scene? And did he prep you for the appearance of little Toby?

No! Fake slaps! How does one prep someone else for that?!

Your perfect vacation would be…?

Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur. #heaven

What it’s like working on such a fantastic show?

Just the worst. No fun at all! ; )

Favorite line of Jenny’s from ep 12?

Tell that trollop to keep her neb outta ma business!

Are you relieved you got cast for Jenny instead of Claire, so you didn’t have to film awkward scenes with Sam?

lol! That would have been weird I have to admit…

Country you’d most like to visit? (Hint: I live in Costa Rica.)

Costa Rica!

Which maniac is more scaring: BJR or Paul Spector? 🙂

Well judging by the end of book one – BJR!

Do you follow @IrishRugby by chance ? I do !

I actually prefer Gaelic football. But I’ll support anyone in green!

Would you like to go to an Outlander premiere?

I was supposed to be at the last one in NYC and would have loved that but I had to work!

How is Beowulf going???

Really well thank you. Exciting!

What is the secret to the success of Jenny & Ian’s marriage?

Ian is afraid of Jenny!

Kiss Dougal! Kiss Dougal!

Erm… okay? But he’d have to want to too…

What TV show is your ultimate favorite? If you have any, of course…

I’m a sucker for Supernatural!

Do you have any favorite Scottish food recipes from that time period?

I love Haggis. But I’ve never made it myself! I lack the guts… (Really sorry – bad pun)

An old movie you’d like to remake? And which character in that?

Margot Channing in All About Eve

When it comes to chickens, is Ian a breast or a leg man?

You should know…

Thank you everyone for your questions! Remember to tune in tomorrow for a brand new episode of xx

Supernatural fan eh? Sam or Dean?

Had to extend #AskOutlander to answer this. DEAN!

40m40 minutes ago

Norwegian or Scottish cuisine? 


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