#AskOutlander/Live Twitter Chat w/@lotteverbeek1



HI EVERYONE!!! ready to roll :-)))

Was it a blessing or a curse not to get the role of Claire

It was amazing to get the part of Geillis as she is so fun to play!

I wonder, how long it took to put that fake pregnant belly on You? PS. I loved You in Nothing Personal 🙂

Thanks for watching Nothing Personal! did you see it on Netflix? belly took about 2 hours!!

You’re absolutely brilliant in this week’s ep! Would love to see more back-story on Geillis. Would you?

Yes! And we might…. 😉

What is it about Geillis that makes her so quirky about how she wears some of her clothes? It’s great!

I like to think of Geillis as a creature more than a person. Something wildly animalistic about her

Any new projects coming out soon? Love your work on FIOS and as Geillis of course

tnx! THE LAST WITCH HUNTER opening Oct 23.

Did you read The Fault in Our Stars before being cast? How badly did you want that role?

Yes! I just new I had to have it 🙂

Shout out from one Dutchie to another ^^ love you on Outlander! What has been the biggest challenge so far?

Thank you!! i would say… trying to nap wearing a bumrole… #luxuryproblems

Are you as tactile as you portray Geillis to be? One of my kids is like her, touchy-feely.

Yeah…. very much so….

Was it difficult to do the naked ritual scene last episode? You were amazing, I was swept away as I watched

tnx! i love being naked so that is not so different from Geillis. But it’s the added cameras …..

You are an amazing actress! What has been your favorite scene to film so far?

Thanks!!! The one coming up this weekend. plus dancing in the forest too

I read that many signed extended contracts. As the story progresses, it will be you coming back, I hope?

Who knows….

How many pronunciations of your name have you heard this year?

Lost track. Best ones were Vladimir and Lobster.

What did you think of all the fan support at the recent NYC premiere?

Amazing stuff! Thank you everyone who came out to support!

In the beginning, did you realize how dedicated Outlander fans are?

No! #overwhelmed #grateful

Do you color your hair?

Nope. Got it from my dad 🙂

Would love to see how Gellis got along after she first came through stones!

Me too! Let’s add a scene?!?

Dogs or cats or horses???

I am more of a guinea pig type gal

What TV shows are your favorites? If you watch TV, that is

Love Ray Donovan

It all comes from @Writer_DG where would all of you be without her?

True that

I recall seeing a picture that you tweeted of your feet very muddy. What scene is this?

Good memory! Dance scene in the forest

I love Gellis’ squeaky “unlaugh” . Do you do that IRL Lotte ? I wait for Gellis’ to do that! 😉

Yes I love to laugh and am not shy about it 🙂

Who is your favorite actor/actress you would or would’ve liked to work with?

The Meryl of course!

Geillis understands Gaelic, but she doesn’t ever speak it that I can recall. Is there a reason?

To make my life easier on set..??

Voice is great, but creepy – as befits her character. How did you come up with it?

Well, @Writer_DG wrote her really really well!

How was it like acting with Vin Diesel in ‘The Last Witch Hunter’?

Fantastic! Vin is the best

What’s your fav color??


Who is the funniest person on set?

My on screen man Graham McTavish

Hey, do you have a life philosophy?

I am a Buddhist!

Hi! I’m curious why the different colors on the sides of your hair? It looks AWESOME!

Nature’s way. Truly.

Do you have any secret talents?

Am a great cook. No poison intended.

What has been your favourite costume to date? You are sensational portraying Geilis…

tnx!! The pixie coat and The Raven!

How many pronunciations of your name have you heard this year?

Lost track. Best ones were Vladimir and Lobster.

Has anyone mentioned to you that you look and sound a great deal like Angelina Jolie?

Ha-ha I feel very humbled. Love her

Your prosthetic baby bump in the dancing scene looked pretty real – what was it like to wear one?

Cozy. It made me feel very maternal.

How would you compare your role as Geillis to your former iconic role of Giulia Farnese? 🙂

So many differences. GD is just a bit more foresty, I would say

You are truly very sympatica when it comes to the fans. Thank you!!

Because you are sympatica y’all!

Where do u think Dougal and Geillis met to consumate their affair? Include details

Ha! Naughty question. The still room? in front of the fire where she throws away the poison??

Geillis is a character that fans love to hate. Is it weird for you playing that kind of character?

Frankly, i only feel the love… @Outlander_Starz fans are the best!

What is your favorite thing about Geillis?

That she is so freaking wicked!

You must watch this weekend’s #Outlander! “The Devil’s Mark” is an unbelievable hour of TV.

tnx! We are all very excited for this ep to air. Worked on it for over a week!

What’s one thing you can’t leave without that you always take with you?

Dark choco

Do you think Geillis had anything to with Dougal’s wife’s death?


It’s pretty useless but could you tweet me something in French? 🙂 You’re a great actress !

bonne journee a france!!

Did you get to keep the fabulous red shoes? I hope so!

Nope 😦 but i do own a few pair of redsies myself

What do you think about a spin off series featuring Geillis?


Why do u think Geillis is so cagey about revealing her past to Claire? I always thought she would have told her

ahaaa… revelations coming up!

Why did you switch your dancing career for acting one? Can we see you dance again?

I kinda liked to be able to say something every now and again. Still love dancing though so the dance scene was perfect!

Was the dance you did in the latest episode choreographed or improvised? And did you enjoy it?

Dance was choreographed. Loved every ice cold second of it 🙂

What was your favorite costume your wore?

I loved the coat! Featured last week

If you were to go through the stones, what time would you want to end up in?

1920′. for the skirts

Please tell me you will keep those shoes! #meanttobe

They may or may not have survived the trials and tribulations of this weekend’s episode…

Have we watched your personal favorite scene yet?


When will we see you in Nederland? Groetjesssss****

als de tijd rijp is/ when time is right/ ripe 🙂

Which scene did you rehearse for the role of Geillis?

The first meeting with Claire was my audish scene

Loved you in Borgia’s! As an actress do you feel that you may have connected more to Geillis vs Giulia?

Perhaps… plus, GD wears red shoes and dances naked

What was it about Geillis and Outlander that convinced you to addition for the part?

I didn’t want to at first! GD looks so different in the books. But the scene stole my heart

What do you like to do to relax?

Dance. Sleep. Watch movies. Eat food. Make food. Hike.

It was lovely to see you in NYC with the cast. Are you comfortable with the crowds and fan frenzy?

Easing in to it 🙂

What do you like about filming in Scotland and what do you dislike? Well done on the accent!

tnx! loved the people. but the bloody rain tho!

Did you fall in love with Scotland when filming here and will you return?

Yes and yes

Still want to join the circus? 🙂

I did!!! Certainly live that travelling life style now

No real question, just a comment. You STOLE THE SHOW last week! Still stunned over here!


Your favorite line so far

‘They say I’m a witch’

Any chance Geillis will put a spell on Laoghaire for us fans ???

If it serves The Cause 😉

A beautiful cat with emerald eyes comes to mind. Maybe that’s Geillis’ “Familiar.” 🙂

Spot on!

What type of dancing were you trained in?

Ballet, modern, jazz, hiphop, tap, improv etc

Best bit of advice your parents gave you?

When I had doubts whether i should pursue acting they said: but this is what we always so you doing!

What’s your most fav components of Geleis’ character that you get to play that is like or unlike yourself?

She is playful like me. she murders unlike me

I can’t believe you are still tweeting. That’s awesome, how much time you give your fans. Thanks so much 🙂

Of course!

So what animal would Geillis be?

There is a bit of a squirrel what else you think??

Geillis is one of Diana’s most intriguing characters – have you consulted with her about Geillis’ character?

Yes! Over a couple of drams #wickedconversations

I don’t know if you’ve read the books, but I just can’t wait to see you playing as Mrs. Abernathy! LOVE from Argentina!

What?!?!? Perhaps i should start reading the books…

Please tell me you will keep those shoes!

They may or may not have survived the trials and tribulations of this weekend’s episode…

Thanks everyone for you q’s! Hope you liked my a’s! See you all in the Thieves’ Hole tomorrow? Have a great day xoxo



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