Book Review

‘The First Wife’ by Erica Spindler

tfw esSTORY: An idealistic young woman marries a man she barely knows only to discover his first wife disappeared under mysterious circumstances. As a child, Bailey Browne dreamed of a knight in shining armor swooping in to rescue her and her mother. As she grew older, those dreams transformed, becoming ones of a mysterious stranger who swept her off her feet and whisked her away from her ordinary existence; then, suddenly, there he was. Despite the ten-year difference in their ages and her working class upbringing and his of privilege, Logan Abbott and Bailey fall deeply in love. Marriage quickly follows.

But when Logan brings her home to his horse farm in Louisiana, a magnificent estate on ninety wooded acres, her dreams of happily-ever-after begin to unravel. A tragic family history Bailey knew nothing about surfaces, along with whisperings about the disappearance of his first wife and rumors about women from the area who have gone missing, and when another woman disappears, all signs point to her husband’s involvement.

REVIEW: Bailey Browne has recently lost her mother to cancer.  Not ever having her father in her life, her mother was her total support.  She decides to take a trip to Grand Cayman using some of her mother’s life insurance money with hopes of helping her to heal from her loss.  While there, she meets the handsome and charming Logan Abbott.  They are instantly smitten with one another and get married.  Logan is a wealthy man who owns a horse farm in Louisiana.  That is where they head next to settle in.

When Bailey begins meeting the different members of Logan’s family, lifelong friends and others, it turns out that Logan is suspected of murdering his first wife, True.  She disappeared some time ago and was never found.  The Chief of Police, Billy Ray Williams, who has been a life long resident of the town, has always hated Logan.  It comes to light that there have been a number of women who have gone missing over the years and Billy Ray is quite vocal about thinking Logan murdered all of them.

When Bailey meets Raine, Logan’s sister, she finds her to be a very hostile woman whose paintings show anger.  When Bailey learns how Logan’s mother, father and brother died, she is quite shocked.  She loves her husband but cannot help but wonder if he could have been the killer of these women.

This book was very written to keep the reader thinking they might have figured how who the killer is only to learn otherwise.  It is not until the very end of the novel that the truth is revealed.  There are a number of scary things that come to light which only adds to the suspense.

While I feel that the book could have been shortened somewhat, I assume the author meant to hold the reader on the edge of their chair for as long as possible.

Connie for b2b


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