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Outlander – #1.10, Let’s discuss!



With this episode we start two points of view, and I loved it!


We’re still in Claire’s head, but with very few voiceovers, which actually I loved, but I’m cool either way.


First, let me ask how surprised were you with that opening scene? I’m in no way a prude, but this scene in anyone’s hands but these two actors could have gone 50 shades of gratuitous. Not so with Sam & Cait! The direction was marvelous and we see, 110abcno…we feel the love she feels …SIGH! Is it just me or are all these intimate scenes in Outlander perfect example of what real love-making is all about? I’m going to digress here and mention a show I almost stopped watching because they had these sex scenes every ten-fifteen minutes. The only reason I stayed with the show [which is a good thing because they certainly changed around in their second season] was the lead, Toby Stephens. You know which show I’m talking about, right? “Black Sails’ must have had an “epiphany” after the first season, or they just might have watched a few episodes of Outlander 😉


Their second season was 80% better than the first and I hope they continue to rely on the story, plot and great characters they have. Sex within a story is great, as long as there’s a purpose to all of it. Otherwise it lacks the emotion and looks cheap, acted.


Here is what I got out of this episode. If you’re a book fan, you know this one went off the track, but in the end came back to it. Like I said before, I’m cool with every change they came up so far, and any that will defiantly come our way. I’m just relaxing and enjoying the ride. BRING IT ON!


I loved all the Leery, Claire and Geillis stuff, but what I loved the most in this episode was all the stuff about the Jacobites and the obvious rift building between MacKenzie brothers. Dougal to me is such a complicated, complex man. To watch him is like watching a train wreck. You can’t avert your eyes. You have to see where this is all going.110d

I also loved watching Jamie’s character evolve more with each episode. We finally get to see this boy immerge a man, and we’re realizing that he is much more than a “stable lad”. He is trying to get the price off his head and he earnestly wishes to go to his home and show his wife his land, home…family.

And last, but in no way least, I loved watching Geillis Duncan show her true colors She is ruthless and ambitious. She is passionate and she is sneaky. I love her scenes at the forest and I love her voice.

The end of this episode  saw Leery smirking as they’re dragging Claire and Geillis off to the thieves’’ hole and as much as I always disliked her character in the books, here in the show she is portrayed as someone who’s misguided, misunderstood, so I’m not in the full “hate” mode just yet. Let’s see if I’ll feel that way after the next episode 😉


What did you like or dislike in this episode? If you’re not a book fan and have never read the books, where do you think the story is going in the next few episodes?


9 thoughts on “Outlander – #1.10, Let’s discuss!”

  1. I do like the way they’ve set things up for the historical aspects to come, i.e., the Jacobite Rebellion, Battles at Prestonpans, Culloden, etc. I’m glad they’re giving more air time to Murtagh, Rupert, and Angus, and I really appreciate seeing more of Ned Gowan. Bill Paterson is so perfect for that role. I think the additional Dougal-Colum exchanges have been entertaining, but I wish Gary Lewis would be given less standing-around-with-his-mouth-set-in-grim-lines stuff to do. The Duke of Sandringham was PERFECT. I like what they did with him, in Ep 110. We’re about to leave Castle Leoch behind I’m going to miss Mrs Fitz a LOT!!

    1. Connie you and I seem to be in that minority that enjoys the historical aspect of Diana’s books as much as the romance 🙂
      I am dreading the end of next season because some of the characters will not survive 😦
      I’m also gonna miss Mrs. Fitz with a passion!
      As for every small or big role they cast, they just did an awesome job there. LOVE LOVE the casting and I’m on pins and needles as to who’ll they cast for Roger, Fergus, BREE!!!! Maybe I should do a post on it? I think this weekend I’ll look up some of the actors I would cast 😉

  2. I liked the opening scene too/ I kept thinking: “Where is Jamie? Where is Jamie? Uh—there he is”! What a man!

    1. OMG you made me laugh out loud! My DH had a smirk on his face as soon as he saw Claire’s face and said “Oh, someone needed their carped cleaned” LOL! That’s when my mouth opened and hadn’t closed for ten minutes!

  3. I am really enjoying these tweeks they are doing with the show. As a long time fan of the Outlander books I have read and reread the books so many times that these changes are like a breath of fresh air.

    1. Tell me about it!
      I’m all for it myself, although I was getting fed up with Fran’s story, but now I think I can see what they were doing with it and where they were going 😉

  4. leery is a very spoiled young lady and this episode showed that in spades. she has crushed on Jamie for years and built up this “love” for him that is so not what he is feeling. Her father was right in the first episode she needed the lesson that she didn’t get because Jamie took it for her.
    Now it will bite him and Claire many times for years to come.

    1. I agree with you 100% 😉
      I do understand why Jamie took Leery’s punishment for her. He said it himself, because it was “public” and I think if it was “private” as Claire’s punishment, he would have had no problem letting her learn her lesson.

      I read all the books, so I know what’s coming but I do wonder how will RDM explain Jamie’s acceptance of Leery’s shenanigans with the ill wish and with the note. That’s another departure from the book I’m looking forward to seeing it develop.
      What do you think?

  5. It has been a joy to watch The Outlander come to life. All of the different characters, history and story line combined. Miss Leery is a spoiled girl, used to having her way and her grandmothers protection at Leoch. Gillis is a fascinating person someone that truly reveals herself later which I will not reveal due to the non readers. Claire and Jamie’s love for each is true to the book and does not detract from the story but enhance it. History jumps out of the pages, the Scottish Clans life and eventual downfall, the French Court, and Culloden.

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