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Outlander – #1.09, Let’s discuss!

Just love this ‘card’! My thanks to Marvel & Whimsy for this gif.

People, I have survived #Droughtlader by re watching the first eight episodes ad nauseam; re listening the second part of Outlander book and hanging around every possible Facebook Outlander group and following Sam, Cait, Tobias and anyone related to the show all over Twitter .. I would say that I’ve “jumped the shark” when it comes to this show. Am I even a bit ashamed of myself?! NO! At my age, shame isn’t an issue anymore 😉

This second half of the first season is much-anticipated by all the fans of the books and the show. Going forward, I’ve decided not to recap the show. The reason for it is this. It’s very hard to do and very much time-consuming, so by the time I want to express my thoughts, the post is just too long. Another reason for it is that there are so many bloggers that are doing it and frankly they’re much better at it than I am. I just love Hope Russell Nunki’s blogThat’s Normal chicks and Kiltlander Dude! Please check them out and you’ll see what I mean. All are amazing writers and all are different and that’s why I love them. There are many MANY more but those are my top three go-to bloggers.

jpg courtesy TV Addiction 101
jpg courtesy TV Addiction 101

What I’d like to do this time around, is to just talk about the episode and what it did for me personally and open up the discussion here and not on the Facebook page, and “talk Outlander” with all of you, regardless of if you liked it or not. Feel free to express your thoughts. They don’t have to coincide with mine. That’s what I like about the word “discussion”! We sit and “talk amongst ourselves” …

Let me start with saying that I loved everything about this episode, especially Jamie’s point of view. Pure genius to tell this part of the story from his POV! This was a very powerful hour of entertainment and what I took out of it is that Jamie’s character grew by leaps and bounds. He was faced with multiple choices and challenges, and by the end of this hour, the boy is no more!

jpg courtesy TV Addiction 101
jpg courtesy TV Addiction 101

I was one of those that was bellyaching about how the first eight episodes were letting the character of Jamie down, and I still think I’m right about that, but boy this hour was all about Jamie and how his mind works. As he told us in his voice-over, looking back it’s the choices that he made in his life that made him into a man that he became. And right from the start of the episode, he had to make a choice, go rescue a woman that he married, or leave her in the hands of a man he intimately knew was cruel. He could have easily left her. He wasn’t sure she wasn’t an English spy. He not only risks his own life by choosing to rescue her, but he risks the life of his men and ultimately, he risks Claire’s life as well. I mean, that whole ‘threesome’ between BJR, Claire and Jamie could have gone awry in a nano second!

Speaking of the confrontation between the three, I’ll take a minute to explain my thoughts as to why Jamie chose not to end BJR’s life, right then and there. First, he was told by Ned not to shoot anyone [please note that in the rescue, all the Highlanders did was make a lot of noise, but they haven’t killed any red coats] and that’s because by committing murder, the wrath of English and the retribution on Clan MacKenzie would be bloody and immediate. No one wanted that on their conscience and especially for the reasons they were there. To rescue a Sassenach woman none of them were sure wasn’t a spy for the English! That was the second choice he had to make during the course of this hour and again showed us what kind of a man he really is. He could lead his men and he could accept and follow orders just as easily, for the sake of his mother’s clan.

Oh, and now we come to my favorite scene of the night. The argument, or a shouting match, at the river. I must digress just a bit here to tell you that I watched this with my Dude and during that scene he kept giving me “the look”, you know, the one that says “We’ve been there!”. And honestly, we have. I can’t imagine a couple that hasn’t been there. Passionate people do everything with passion. Be it sewing, cooking or having an argument. That in no way diminishes the love these people have for each other. As witnessed by Jamie and Claire. As soon as they both realized that the argument went too far, both of them stopped and both asked for forgiveness. Yet another choice he made which showed us that he’s kind and has no qualms to admitting he was wrong as well. Seriously people, have you ever seen two actors deliver a scene such as this? I haven’t! The way they went at each other was EPIC! It was so freaking REAL! I know. Been there, done that. That’s how I know it was REAL!

jpg courtesy TV Addiction 101
jpg courtesy TV Addiction 101

As for the “spanking” scene, I never had a problem with it in the book, nor do I have a problem with it here in the show. I was never so enamored with Jamie’s character that I was blinded to his faults. As a matter a fact, I love Diana Gabaldon’s writing because she writes her characters very close to what real people are like, complex and flawed. Claire isn’t perfect. Jamie isn’t perfect. They are fictional characters in a fictional story, but the author had drawn them as close and as three-dimensional as we all are and that’s why his actions throughout the eight books have never bothered me. I will say that the scene was done well and I was mightily impressed with it, from the writing of it, to acting and sound. In the end, his choice to punish Claire would bring him closer to her and would open his eyes to few more choices that he’ll be making as a result of it.

Arriving back at a castle married, he is confronted with an irate Laird and a seventeen year old girl who mistook his kindness for something more than a stolen kiss. His choices made here again prove to us that even though he’s vulnerable, his conscience is his guide and as much as he’s tempted by Leery, he chooses his vows. He also shows how smart and astute he is by giving his Laird good, solid advice. This is why Column prefers him to Dougal as his next heir [in the show/not the book]. Even talking to Murtaugh and telling him that he isn’t about to just leave and drag his wife all over the land, but will stay put for the time being and see how things are progressing, is another choice he makes for the good of the woman he loves. It shows us that he’s taking this “husband thing” seriously and that now, it’s the two of them.

I just loved the way his character is building with all these subtle nuances!

And right before the “make-up-sex” scene we again witness his choice of recommiting to his wife and pledging to her that he’ll never raise a hand to her, no matter what. He will rather die than raise his hand to her. With that pledge, he is no longer a boy. He is a man in love with his wife. He accepts the responsibility of caring, loving and growing with her. For her, he rejects what he was thought a marriage is, and is willing to change. No wonder she shows him how much that means to her.

All I can say about that lovemaking scene [watched by KFC customers] is well done!

Now, lets hear it from you. What did you think of this episode?  Did the nudity bother you? What about the Leery/Jamie scene at the brook? Are you watching the show on its own or are you comparing it to the books [futile attempt if you ask me].

Amazing fan poster made @Black_Anny08
Amazing fan poster made @Black_Anny08

10 thoughts on “Outlander – #1.09, Let’s discuss!”

  1. ok you asked for discussion .I have a point qr 2 thanks for the blog. I as you have watched and read a lot the last 6 mos but honestly it only made it possible for me to enjoy even more ep 9 . oh what fun . I agree totally wow what acting and especially when you realize episodes 9 and 10 were filmed first. well done all cast and crew

    1. OMG! I keep forgetting that fact1 you are right of course. Well, I’ll be! I wonder if the acting would have been different if they filmed it chronologically? Now you got me thinking! LOL! What was your least favorite moment in this show? My hubby wasn’t that happy with the nudity [which surprised the heck out of me!]. what’s your least favorite episode so far?

  2. I enjoyed reading your blog. I loved this episode. I think it is one of the best. It took a few moments to get used to Sam narrating, but I hope they do more from Jamie’s point of view. I love his voice. He draws you in. There is not one element of this episode that I did not love. I especially liked the parts with Colum and Dougal clearing the air (both great actors). Jamie emerges as a leader in this episode. You also had to rely on Cait’s acting to understand what Claire was going through, as she was not narrating, and she did an excellent job. I loved the argument after the rescue and the make up scene. I need to watch it again.

    1. Thank you so much! i try to write my feelings and express myself as best I can. I agree with you about this being one of the best. I’d say this would be my second best, Wedding being my favorite, so far. My third best is Garrison Commander, and my least favorite is Both Sides Now [at that point, I just about had enough of Frank!].
      What about you? What’s your least favorite moment here, and what’s your least favorite episode so far?

  3. I have to say I also LOVED seeing this episode from Jamie’s POV. One of the things that I love most in books is getting some equal measure of POV from our hero and heroine. I know nothing from the books as I haven’t read them but I do really enjoy how these characters can make me feel. Like every up and down, every hurdle they come across, I’m with them 110%. The loathing for BJR, the fear for Claire, I’m just blown away after every episode. I wouldn’t have said this was my favorite episode (really, nothing quite reaches the Wedding episode) but it sure does know how to hold a person’s attention!!

    1. LOL!
      I hear you!
      i think The Wedding is my favorite episode too, and my favorite scene is Dougal & Willy in the church with the priest. I laughed so much, I had tears in my eyes.
      We had a slow burn with first 8, and now we are riding a rollercoaster, right?
      I am dreading 115-116…. I really want to see it, but I’m dreading it. After I read what happened to Jamie, as he was telling it to Claire, I was a mess!
      What was your favorite scene from this episode?

  4. I thought it was a great episode, especially for the new season, because it illustrates for the viewer (again) that this is not the present time. It’s not just girls in dresses and boys in kilts. Women did not have the rights they have now. The “rules” in marriage were different. Claire is not aware of all the subtle differences (and neither are we), and this episode shows her and us that this isn’t 1945. This is a different place and a different time, and one mistake might put everyone’s lives in danger. Now that we’re not in her POV, it’s interesting how little I thought about her going back to the stones. That was paramount in the first season. Now it’s not as important because of course Jamie doesn’t know that she wants to go back. And maybe she’s slowly not wanting to go back too.

    1. I agree w/you 100%!
      It was such a revelation to see things from Jamie’s POV. I was beyond impressed with the acting of everyone but especially Sam & Cait. To be honest, I did have some doubts about both of them as I never saw them before in anything. However, I had no doubts in Tobias Menzies because everything I saw him in, he was magnificent! Just amazingly believable in everything I saw him in. I was also encouraged by the fact that Ron Moore was behind the project, so that took away some of my anxiety.
      After this episode, I have such faith that even with additions/subtractions from the books, I’m loving it all the way.
      What was your favorite scene from 109?

  5. First of all, I agree that the acting, especially by Sam, Gary Lewis, and Cait Balfe, was beautiful to watch. The rescue of Claire was tense, yet the action was smooth and concise. The stunt work by Sam was breathtaking.
    I was excited for the Jamie POV to happen, because I’ve felt strongly that he’s been neglected in the series so far. But I was very let down. The musing scene at the opening made little sense. IT’s puzzling and vague. What is he talking about in his daydreaming? None of the action in the episode has yet happened, unless it’s the encounter with L”heerie; she’s viewed mistily in the background at one point in his interior monologue. However, the placement of this encounter during the episode implies that it’s after the punishment. So, just what the heck is he thinking about that made him become a man before that day? Another thing that rang false with this is the fact that he was doing this while Horrocks was waiting to tell him who really killed the soldier—something he was delirious with excitement to find out. Not bloody likely that he would disappear into an analysis of his unexamined life at that point. Also, remember, he IS only 23 and yet has suffered more than most men would in a lifetime, really through no fault of his own. I would say he already is quite the man.
    SOOO, boo to that attempt to give Jamie’s POV. What a waste. The time would have been much better spent in allowing him the moonlight walk with Claire to the inn, during which he tells of his childhood and his punishments at the hands off his father and uncles, which he admits were always deserved. Claire, to her credit, gets his point, walls are mended. This scene is an incredibly important Jamie POV.
    The fight scene between Jamie and Claire was the high point of the episode, even though it was heartbreaking to watch. What great acting we were treated to here! Jamie “gently falling apart,” as Diana put it once, actually brought the tears to my eyes. The oblivious self-righteous anger of Claire was realistically frightening and maddening. To say “Well-done!” to these two actors would be a vast understatement. They were brilliant.
    Not so brilliant was the screenplay/writing, IMO, as you may have surmised from what I’ve written so far. You can’t beat the best, and Diana’s words and instincts are the best. Why not try harder to use them? I think decisions about what to cut and what to make up and add in should be very, very carefully thought out.. I don’t think this writer of episode 109 did this .
    Finally, the make-up sex, was actually two separate incidents squished together without the intervening dialogue, and consequently it seemed gratuitous and way over-the-top and lacked the point of reference that made sense of their furious passion. The ridiculous incongruity of Claire shoving a foot-long dirk into Jamie’s throat during heated intercourse and never missing a beat, is the piece de resistance in my argument that this episode is deeply flawed in its structure, editing, and writing.
    I’m happy to have the opportunity to express my negative feelings. No doubt they will not be received well. I welcome rebuttal. I would like to be shown where I am off-base on this.
    I apologize for the length of this reply.

    1. First, my apologies for coming to your comment this late. I read it, then my Serbian Orthodox Easter came and went, and because your comment was so well written and very thought provoking, I had to watch the show couple of more times so I could word my response.
      Here is what I think about his “mussing at the brook”.
      “Strange the things you remember…” is what Claire told us, and when she did, it is assumed that she’s telling us a story of her life. She is remembering events, and she’s telling us that she wouldn’t change a thing, even after all the heartache she’s lived through. I’m assuming that’s what Jamie is doing as well. Everything happened to him already, so he’s telling us his side of the story here. He’s telling us about his choices, and we’re watching him make them one by one …

      As for the cut of the episode, upon watching it again, I agree with you, but not necessarily on the same points. The “stare” Column gave to Jamie without a word of congratulations, went on for too long and it didn’t just feel like a snub but an awkward and confusing moment.

      Personally, I loved the scene between Leery and Jamie because we get to see him as a human being, a man who is tempted and a man that feels guilt for treating her so shabby, and it showed the strength of his convictions in the end. Just think, this is a choice he made. It definitely could have gone the other way.

      As for the other points you brought up:
      The writing in my opinion was good, but the editing could have been better.
      The lovemaking scenes throughout this show are never gratuitous to me, and I stopped calling them sex scenes because they’re more than that. I’m a huge GoT fan and BS fan, so I guarantee you, there’s the difference between all these shows when it comes to depicting sex.

      And you’re welcome to come here anytime and vent or squee 🙂

      I love love love talking Outlander.
      We can always agree to disagree. Not all of us will see the same scene in the same way.



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