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‘Devil’s Moon’ by Amanda Scott

dm asSTORY: A Warrior’s Promise

The last place Sir David “Devil” Ormiston expected his moonlight chase of a horse thief to end was in a lady’s bedchamber. He is shocked to find that the raider he has pursued is no man, but a defiant beauty in disguise—and the woman he’s vowed to protect at all costs. Face to face with a girl Dev thought he knew, the ever confident, marriage-resistant knight may learn that he is defenseless against the desirable woman she has become.

A Lady’s Secret

Lady Robina Gledstanes will do anything to keep her family’s land out of the hands of her greedy kinsmen—except willingly submit to the handsome, cocksure Devil Ormiston. Dev’s help may be just as dangerous as the threats lurking outside her castle. But when enemies scheme to steal the castle’s treasure, Robina must risk losing something even more precious—her heart.

REVIEW: With this second book, Paula Quinn continues her Border Nights series and once more takes me back in time of Scotland of long ago.

It’s worth repeating and reminding my bookworms that reading Ms. Scott’s stories are an adventure in itself. She never fails to have me immersed into her world so much so, that I’m having a hard time coming out of it. The reason behind it is her immaculate research of the world she creates for me and for my pleasure. And trust me. It is pure bliss to let myself go and for a few hours a day just be one of the clansmen.

My heart went out to our heroine, Lady Robina Gledstanes who had such strength, such courage after she had to step up and be the “Laird”, only until her younger brother can reach his majority, of her clan after the deaths of her parents and her twin brother. I can’t even imagine how hard this was for this young woman, especially for the time that she was living in.

The hero, Sir David “Devil” Ormiston, had been in a battle and his best friend saves his life and dies. That is something he feels guilty about and is having a hard time with, especially because that friend is none other than Lady Robina’s twin brother. He gave his word to his friend that he’ll protect the two and now he must do it no matter the cost to his heart.

I loved the way both of them had to adjust their opinion of each other as they slowly realize that no matter how long they’ve known each other, they never really “saw” one another for what they were.

As usual, the plotting is intriguing, the action rampant, and romance sensual and sweet.
This story is one shop-stop when it comes to romance, historical events and fiction. It’s all here and masterfully woven together, just like the tartan’s of old.

Melanie for b2b

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher

1 thought on “‘Devil’s Moon’ by Amanda Scott”

  1. Wow, Mel! What a great review. You certainly do have a way with words. Hmmm…..methinks you need to consider writing yourself! 🙂 I’ve been looking forward to reading this book and now I know it’s a “must.”

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