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‘Lady Vice’ by Wendy LaCapra

lv wlcSTORY: Not every lady plays by the rules…

Lady Lavinia Vaile knows what happens to a woman who puts her faith in society. For her, it was a disastrous marriage to a depraved man—one she threatened to shoot when she left him. Now Lavinia lives outside of society’s strict conventions, hosting private gambling parties. It’s only when her husband is shot dead that Lavinia finds herself in terrible danger…

A former judge in India’s high court, Maximilian Harrison will do anything he can to help Lavinia. In the darkest of times, he held on to thoughts of her and the love they once shared. Now he risks his own position in society―along with his ambitions―in order to clear her name. Yet as desire reignites between them, Lavinia remains caught up in secrets and shame. Her only salvation is to do the unthinkable…and trust in both Maximilian and love.

REVIEW: I must say that this book does not read like a début, yet never the less, it is. I mean, prose alone puts this author right there with Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, I kid you not!

This is the first story out of the three in the Furies series and it’s one of the best second chance romance story’s I’ve read. It was equal parts sweet and sensual, witty and entertaining.

Our first heroine is Lavinia or Lady Vaile, but she’s known to the ton as Lady Vice as are her friends, Lady Sophia as Lady Scandal and Her Grace Duchess of Wynchester, Thea Marie is better known as Duchess Decadence. All three have done something that has them on the outskirts of society now and all three are earning their own living by forgoing balls for private salons. And while the debutantes are attending Almack’s, rakes are clamoring for the invitations to the private salons with the Furies.

You know how you read a book and if you love it, it could be because of the plot, great dialogue, touching romance and so on. This book hit all of those for me, but I honestly swooned at the prose. It was so well done that it had me warm all over.

“Haloed in the pale pink glow of early dawn, she appeared almost as innocent as the girl he had courted all those years ago. She still commanded the colors of autumn. Her skin glowed like ripened wheat, and her smoky lashes rimmed eyes as brown as spiced ale. A man could become forever mired in those depths, enraptured and entombed.”

“Whenever the night had seemed frightening or endlessly lonely, she had lulled herself to sleep by silently repeating his name. She’d used him like a blanket, curling his image close and tucking herself into remnants of remembered love.”

“She stilled and grew quiet, though her chest rose and fell as if she were pursued by the Reaper with scythe drawn and sharpened.”

“The Maximilian of her memory ceased to exist next to the real man. The former was a simple penny-lute tune. In the flesh, Max was the King’s Theater orchestra playing Haydn.”

Need I say more?!

Loved it! Must read and keeper shelf worthy!

Melanie for b2b

Complimentary copy provided by the author


12 thoughts on “‘Lady Vice’ by Wendy LaCapra”

    1. Thanks so much! Please stop by and let me know what you think. I am reading another author that is blowing my mind right now, which I would have never read if the male model hadn’t asked me for a friend request on FB. Check it out. Highwayman’s Hostage by Erin Grace which I’ll be rev’ing soon.

  1. When a reviewer uses the name Kathleen E. Woodiwiss in the same breath as a new author…I am all about getting that book! Actually, I had already grabbed a sample on my kindle, but, after reading this review I will bypass the sample, buy it and digest it as soon as possible! I believe La Woodiwiss is smiling in heaven, to know her books are the standard to which many new Historical Romance authors endeavor to emulate! Well done Wendy La Capra, I am looking forward to read your offering! 😃

    1. Tracey, I was blown away with the prose. No kidding.I actually made myself read it slow so I could soak it all up. This book is not meant to be gobbled up, but chewed up slowly. LOL! Please come back here when you’re done and tell me your thoughts on it. There are so many authors today that are “light” on the prose [and they are still well written, plotted and very enjoyable to read] but when I run into something like this, I am so afraid to gush because people may take it the wrong way and think I’m “paid” [either in free ARC or literally] to say good things about it. I am NOT! I call it as I “feel” it. As you know, we readers don’t just read, we :feel” it deep in our hearts the words from those pages.
      So glad you’re getting the book 🙂

      1. Melanie, I bypassed many books to put LADY VICE at the top of my TBR pile!! I may even start it today!! 😊

    1. Tell me about it!
      I think it’s hard to review good books. I end up just gushing and feel people will not take me seriously. LOL! But in the end, I have too 🙂 Now, if I read some bad ones, well…you should check out my Catherine Coulter ones lately….LOL! I actually lost it!

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