Book Review

‘Drawn to Lord Ravenscar’ by Anne Herries

dtlr ahSTORY: Betrayed by Marriage

When her betrothed is brutally murdered Lucy Dawlish looks for comfort from the man who shares her grief – his brother, Paul Ravenscar. Virtuous Lucy has always been secretly drawn to this frosty lord, but is it too late to reveal where her heart truly lies?

Paul Ravenscar must marry and produce an heir for the sake of his estate, but there is only one woman he wants. To claim Lucy as his bride risks betraying his brother’s memory, but Paul might be unable to keep his feelings hidden….

REVIEW: Lucy Dawlish and her mother have just returned to their home in England after spending some time in Italy to help Lucy recover from the murder of her fiancé, Mark Ravenscar. The Ravenscar family estate borders her family’s estate and she has grown up with Mark and his brother, Paul.

Upon return to her home, she discovers that Lord Ravenscar, a widower, has taken ill and it is not known whether he will survive or not. Since Mark’s death, Lord Ravenscar has had sole responsibility for the estate. Captain Paul Ravenscar had been summoned by the Duke of Wellington to serve for some time in the war. While he felt guilty being gone, he felt it was his duty to his country to serve. However, now that he has learned that his father is ill, his has resigned his commission and has returned to Ravenscar to take up the reins of running the estate.

Secretly, Lucy has always loved Paul but never felt that he would ever return her love. So when Mark proposed to her, she accepted knowing she could never love him more than as a brother.

Lucy’s cousin, Judith, a wealthy young widow, comes to stay with her family. Just out of her mourning clothes, she has decided to spend some time in London and get on with her life. She and Lucy become close friends and enjoy attending soirees. Lucy is introduced to several men who show interest in her. Paul attends these events as well, but Lucy feels he is not truly interested in her when, in fact, Paul has always loved her.

When a jealous suitor of Judith’s kidnaps her just after announcing her engagement to another man, Lucy is beside herself with worry. However, Paul steps in to search for Judith. Will Judith be found unharmed? Will Lucy and Paul realize their mutual love for one another?

This was a sweet story with a nice plot and great characters. I look forward to reading more of Anne Herries’ novels.

Connie for b2b


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