Book Review

‘The Long Overdue Library Book: Stories Librarians Tell One Another by Sandy Bradley, Elsa Pendleton

tlolbSTORY: The Cake Pan Library Running a bookmobile in South Korea Peyton Place and Mom Blessing of the animals Earthquake These stories and more can be found in this lively collection of “stories librarians tell each other.” The co-authors have gathered vignettes of different kinds of library service — their own and colleagues from past decades and present them to you for your entertainment.

Funny, sad, or a little strange and quirky, the one thing that all of the stories have in common is that each one involves a library or a librarian. You will also find photo-sketches of libraries from all over. You just might see your local library between these covers. You might also recognize yourself as the subject of one or more of the stories.

But not to worry: no actual names of characters were used, so your secret is safe. Please enjoy this book and share it with others. The proceeds from sales will be distributed by the authors to deserving libraries to further their mission of public literacy.

REVIEW: I didn’t really know what to expect when I picked up a copy of this book. I love libraries and hoped it would be little stories about them. For the most part, that is what the book is about.

There are descriptions of the enormous amount of patience that librarians must possess to be able to deal with a very diverse number of people each and every day. Some patrons are surly and just downright physically dirty. If the patrons are dirty, just think about how the dirt that gets in the books! Yuk. Oh, and don’t forget the little critters that some patrons bring into the library from their homes. Yep! You guessed it. Roaches! Yuk (again). Makes me want to fumigate any books I check out!

Oh yes. Don’t forget overdue books. The work involved in searching down and repeatedly requesting the return of overdue books has to be so frustrating. Occasionally, yes, they have been returned and are found on the shelf. Yay! Unfortunately, that is rarely the case. After repeated reminders are sent to patrons, then there comes the day when you have to take them to court. The stories that come out there are really something too.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in the life of a library and the librarians that faithfully run them.

This was a cute book with some funny stories. I think more readers will enjoy it.

Connie for b2b


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