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‘Season for Temptation’ by Theresa Romain

sft trSTORY: Two Sisters. . .

Julia Herington is overjoyed when her stepsister, Louisa, becomes engaged–to a viscount, no less. Louisa’s only hesitation is living a life under the ton’s critical gaze. But with his wry wit and unconventional ideas, Julia feels James is perfect for Louisa. She can only hope to find a man like him for herself. Exactly like him, in fact. . .

One Choice. . .

As the new Viscount Matheson, James wished to marry quickly and secure his title. Kind, intelligent Louisa seemed a suitable bride. . .until he met her stepsister. Julia is impetuous–and irresistible. Pledged to one sister, yet captivated by another, what is he to do? As Christmas and the whirl of the London season approach, James may be caught in a most scandalous conundrum, one that only true love, a bit of spiritous punch–and a twist of fate–will solve. . .

REVIEW: Julia Herington is a charming young woman preparing to go to London for the season. Her sister, Louisa, has become engaged to James, the new Viscount Matheson. While Louisa is obviously not in love with James, Julia is totally enamored by him.

Louisa is a quiet, reserved woman more interested in cataloguing a library than anything. Julia, however, is impish, outgoing, funny and loves to eat. As the attraction between Julia and James begins to grow, James feels guilty about his attraction to Julia and works very hard at trying to improve on his nearly nonexistent relationship with Louisa. James’s mother is totally against his marriage to Louisa and does not hesitate to show her disapproval of her and Julia.

What a delightful novel this is. The way the author has sprinkled humor throughout the book, will keep you laughing all the way to the end.

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