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‘A Scandalous Scot’ by Karen Ranney

ass krSTORY: One scandal was never enough . . .

After four long years, Morgan MacCraig has finally returned to the Highlands of his birth . . . with his honor in shreds. After a scandal, all he wants now is solace—yet peace is impossible to find with the castle’s outspoken new maid trying his patience, challenging his manhood . . . and winning his love, body and soul.

Jean MacDonald wants to leave her past behind and start anew, but Ballindair Castle, a Scottish estate rumored to be haunted, hasn’t been the safe haven she envisioned. Ballindair’s ancestral ghosts aren’t as fascinating as Morgan, the most magnificent man she’s ever seen. Though their passion triggers a fresh scandal that could force them to wed, Jean must first share the secrets of her own past—secrets that could force them apart, or be the beginning of a love and redemption unlike anything they’ve ever known.

REVIEW: Jean MacDonald and her sister, Catronia, find themselves employed as maids at Ballindair in Scotland. Their aunt Mary, housekeeper at Ballindair, has been instrumental in getting them these jobs. Not used to the work involved, Jean finds herself concentrating hard on her assignments while her sister is more lax in doing a good job. There are old rumors where people have reported seeing several ghosts at Ballindair. Intrigued by this, Jean often explores the castle late at night hoping to catch site of one of these ghosts. Inadvertently, she runs into a man one night who turns out to be Morgan MacCraig, 9th Earl of Denbleigh and Laird of Ballindair, who after a five-year absence, has returned unexpectedly to the castle.

He is escaping the scandal in London resulting from his divorcing his wife, Lillian, for her many infidelities. He is a very scarred and angry man vowing to never marry again. To his dismay, Morgan discovers that his faithful steward, William Seath, is ill yet continuing to work every day in many capacities. In the execution of her duties, Jean and Morgan continue to find themselves in one another’s company which leads to conversations and interest between the two. While searching for her willful sister late one evening, Jean encounters the Earl. With both of them in less than full dress, they are then discovered by the housekeeper.

To keep Jean’s reputation from being ruined, Morgan agrees to marry Jean. However, Jean wants love from a marriage not simply a marriage of convenience. With Jean’s insight, the work of the rapidly failing William Seath falls more onto her shoulders and she proves her worth as the next Countess. In addition, with Jean’s love and compassion, Morgan learns to open up to love again.

Karen Ranney has once again proven herself to be the amazing storyteller that she is. Her characters and situations in this novel are real and believable. I would highly recommend “A Scandalous Scot” for terrific reading pleasure.

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