Book Review

‘True Sisters’ by Sandra Dallas

ts sdSTORY: In 1856, Mormon converts, encouraged by Brigham Young himself, and outfitted with two-wheeled handcarts, set out on foot from Iowa City to Salt Lake City, the promised land. The Martin Handcart Company, a ragtag group of weary families headed for Zion, is the last to leave on this 1,300-mile journey. Three companies that left earlier in the year have completed their trek successfully, but for the Martin Company the trip proves disastrous. True Sisters tells the story of four women from the British Isles traveling in this group. Four women whose lives will become inextricably linked as they endure unimaginable hardships, each one testing the boundaries of her faith and learning the true meaning of survival and friendship along the way.

There’s Nannie, who is traveling with her sister and brother-in-law after being abandoned on her wedding day.

There’s Louisa, who’s married to an overbearing church leader who she believes speaks for God.

There’s Jessie, who’s traveling with her brothers, each one of them dreaming of the farm they will have in Zion.

And finally, there’s Anne, who hasn’t converted to Mormonism but who has no choice but to follow her husband since he has sold everything to make the trek to Utah.

REVIEW: It was extremely well written and kept my interest all the way through it. The story takes place in 1856 and is based on the true story of newly converted Mormons from England. It follows them on their journey by ship across the Atlantic to the U.S. and by pushing their belongs via handcarts from Iowa 1,300 miles to Salt Lake City, Utah. The deplorable conditions, bad weather, lack of food, clothing and medical care tests their faith to the extreme.

Their amazing strength and determination to reach their Zion is described by the author and the characters committed to their goal. I admit that I had mixed feelings reading this book. A part of me wondered why on Earth anyone would put themselves through this while another part of me admired their unfailing determination. I do hope that readers read this book for what I think is the reason is was written which is to portray especially the strength of women in this journey.

I am not a Mormon and do not necessarily support their religion, however, I feel that everyone has a right to worship in their own way.

Connie for b2b

I was lucky enough to win an ARC of this book from


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