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‘Too Dangerous to Desire’ by Cara Elliott

tdtd ceSTORY: Can a Flame from the Past be Rekindled?

Long ago, Sophie Lawrance chose prudence over passion, rejecting a rebellious young rogue for the sake of her family-no matter the ache it left in her heart. But after a specter from her father’s past resurfaces, threatening to destroy all she holds dear, the desperate beauty knows there is only one man whose shadowy skills can save her.

Or Is It Too Dangerous to Play with Fire?

Cameron Daggett is a man of many secrets . . . and many sins. He’s never forgotten the pain of losing Sophie. But now, with a chance to win her back, Cameron sets aside his anger and agrees to help Sophie save her father’s honor. Together they embark on a perilous masquerade, leading them to a remote country estate near the sea. There, they must battle a cunning adversary-and their own burning desires. Will they be consumed by the flames? Or can they prove that true love conquers all?

REVIEW: This is the third book in Ms. Elliott’s Lords of Midnight Series and out of the three, my personal favorite.

If you love reading about bad boys, then you’ll love this one. Cameron is a thief that looks like a pirate (with an earring too). He is the last of the Hellhound that’s not taken the plunge or fallen into a parsons trap, but not for long.

Sophie is a vicar’s daughter by birth, and a devoted daughter and sister who would do anything to protect her family and avoid scandal. That’s why she braves the slums and enters the Wolf’s Lair to meet a man that’s endangering her family.

I always loved Cara Elliot’s prose, but once I read the intro into this story, I was hooked. Here is what Cam feels as he hears a familiar voice in the hallway of the hell …

“The voice stirred a myriad of memories… None of them good. Soft and sensuous as summer sunlight, it tickled around his head, a tantalizing whisper, wrapping his brain in a seductive swirl of honeyed heat and gold-kissed sweetness.

Another word floated through the half-open door and suddenly the sensations were like a serpent, trailing a sensuous slither over bare flesh, only to strike with diamond bright fangs.”

With a wonderful character development, fast pace and an intriguing mystery to be solved, this romance packs a well-rounded punch for all of my bookworms that love a second chances love story.

Melanie for b2b

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher

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