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‘A Single Kiss’ by Grace Burrowes

ask gbSTORY: New attorney Hannah Stark agrees to spend six months helping out in the family law department, though an upbringing as a foster child has left her determined never to set foot in a domestic relations courtroom.

Trenton Knightley, the law firm’s family law expert, is equally determined that business and pleasure can’t mix. Hannah finds herself working with Trent on one tough case after another, and grows less and less pleased with her vocation. Trent, however, is increasingly impressed with Hannah–and not simply for her courtroom skills.

REVIEW: When an author switches genres on a reader, the first reaction of that reader is HOLY CRAP! Not again!!!! And if that author is one of your all time favorites, then you literally go into full “panic attack” mode. Don’t ask me why. It just IS. The second reaction is to eye the book, and then keep moving it to the back of your TBR. The third reaction is to close your eyes and open the book, read a couple of passages and a) scream because you now know the book sucks or b) literally grin from ear to ear with happiness, telling yourself, you knew it all along it had to be good. After all, it is written by HER!

It is no secret to all of you how much I adore this woman’s prose and now I have to thank her for turning me onto a genre I wasn’t so keen on reading, contemporary romance.

In ‘A Single Kiss’ Grace Burrowes creates a story that is real, heartwarming and heartbreaking as well as funny and just sweet.

No matter the century, her heroes are well rounded and well grounded that they jump off of those pages and become very real human beings. They are someone you just may know with problems just like yours. In this story, she took a very difficult subject of foster children and family law, and weaved a very tender and even humorous romance around it.

If you’ve never read this author, now’s the time to start. This story is fast pacing and once you start reading it, there’s no way you could put it down. And if I still didn’t convince you, how about you grab her FREE novella A Kiss for Luck and a prequel to this series?

Melanie for b2b

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher


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