Book Review

‘Return to Clan Sinclair’ by Karen Ranney

rtcs krSTORY: When Ceana Sinclair Mead married the youngest son of an Irish duke, she never dreamed that seven years later her beloved Peter would die. Her three brothers-in-law think she should be grateful to remain a proper widow. But after three years of this, she’s ready to scream. She escapes to Scotland, only to discover she’s so much more than just the Widow Mead.

In Scotland, Ceana crosses paths with Bruce Preston, an American tasked with a dangerous mission by her brother, Macrath. Bruce is too attractive for her peace of mind, but she still finds him fascinating. Their one night together is more wonderful than Ceana could have imagined, and she has never felt more alive.

But when the past reaches out in the form of an old foe, Ceana’s life is in danger. Now Bruce must fight to become her savior—and more—if she’ll let him.

REVIEW: This is a short novella and it’s coming on the heels of Ms. Ranney’s third book in her Clan Sinclair series. Time wise it takes place ten years after the first book in the series which is Macrath and Virginia’s story and if you’re not familiar with that book or for that matter with any in this series, have no worries as this short story stands on its own very well. However, if you need a quick intro into the whole series, all you have to do click on my post from yesterday and you’ll be all caught up.

Now, off to the good part. Telling you how much I loved and appreciated this story from the prospective of a reader that was intrigued by the character of Ceana. We never really meet her character or get to know her much in the three previous books and that’s why I was so happy to find out that finally we get to know her.

She is such a great character and honestly, I wish she had a full book too. Her story was strong and compelling as much as romantic, sweet and tender as well as sensual.

Bruce, the hero of this piece was such a contradiction because when we and the heroine first meet him, he’s buck naked and smiling. Deep down, and bit later on in the book, we find out more about his heartbreaking past and I had tears in my eyes as he’s talking about it.

The way these two meet and form misconceptions about each other is so well written it brought a huge grin to my face every time they conversed! I adored their romance and highly recommend you pick this one up regardless of reading the earlier books in this series. And to see Virginia and Macrath in their loving home and with their kids all grown up was such an awesome treat. I’m hoping one day Ms. Ranney writes Carlton’s story because he was such a Devil like his father!

For a quick, intriguing, fun and utterly sweet and sensual read, look no further and pick this one up, like NOW!

Melanie for b2b

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher


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