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‘Strangers at the Altar’ by Marguerite Kaye

sata mkSTORY: The secrets behind the wedding veil

For penniless widow Ainsley McBrayne, marriage is the only solution. She’s vulnerable yet fiercely independent, so shackling herself to another man seems horrifying! Until handsome stranger Innes Drummond tempts Ainsley to become his temporary wife.

Once married, Ainsley hardly recognizes the rugged Highlander Innes transforms into! He sets her long-dormant pulse racing, and she’s soon craving the enticing delights of their marriage bed. She has until Hogmanay to show Innes that their fake marriage could be for real…

REVIEW: Edinburgh – June 1840

Mrs. Ainsley McBrayne, a widow in her late 20s, has just learned from her attorney that her late husband had gotten into deep debt for which she is now responsible.  After she angrily leaves the attorney’s office, she accidentally bumps into Innes Drummond.  Realizing she is upset, he invites her to sit in a café with him and talk.

Innes Drummond, is an engineer in his mid 30s who has been left heir to a castle and vast estate called The Strone Bridge Estate.  In order for him to gain his inheritance, he must be married.

After their chat and sharing their problems, they agree to a marriage of convenience for one year.  At the end of that time, Innes will have gained access to his inheritance, obtained the money to pay off Ainsley’s debts, and they will be free to go their separate ways.  Simple, right?  Well, not if you fall in love with each other.  But back to the story.

Ainsley is an unfulfilled woman who never felt she was truly loved by her late husband.  Innes is a man plagued by many demons and consumed with guilt that he has become the heir when it was his brother, Malcolm, who loved Strone Bridge and had been groomed to one day be the laird.  Innes had not been back to the estate for many years and found that it needed a lot of work to keep it up.  Ainsley is immediately enthralled with the place and sees so much potential for it in the future.

Innes and Ainsley find an attraction to one another that they had not anticipated in the beginning.  But where can this lead if they are to stick to their original agreement?  Can Ainsley help Innes to face his demons and open up to her about them?  Can Innes help her regain her self-esteem and realize that she truly is a desirable woman?

A very good story with two very strong characters experiencing substantial emotions.  Come learn about their pasts and see if they may truly find a future together.

Once again, Marguerite Kaye has proven her incredible talent of slowly exposing the souls of her characters that gives readers deep insight into their lives.  She shows their damage, how they were hurt, and how it can be healed.

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Complimentary copy provided by the author


4 thoughts on “‘Strangers at the Altar’ by Marguerite Kaye”

  1. I loved this book. Marguerite Kaye is a wonderful writer, no two books of hers are the same and she puts so much of herself into her stories. I love everything she writes. Fab review.

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