Book Review

‘Learning to Live’ by Jerrica Knight-Catania 

ltl jkc.STORY: Losing someone is never easy. The hardest part is learning how to live without them — mentally rearranging your future now that your dreams have been shattered.

Devastated by the loss of her fiance in the World Trade Towers on 9-11, Jessica Brooks is certain she’ll never love again. Hell, she may never even leave her apartment again. But circumstances force her back to her hometown of Atlanta and into the arms of someone who understands her pain.

Torn between mourning her fiance forever and finding peace in the midst of her grief, Jess must find the key to her happiness, the cure for her pain, and learn how to move on without the person she held most dear.

Learning to Live is a New Adult novel about love and loss, and finding comfort in the company of those you’d least expect.

REVIEW: When Kyle Clarke died in the World Trade Center bombing, he left behind his fiancée of just one day, Jessica Brooks. They had been so in love and his loss left Jessica completely devastated. For weeks, she was simply unable to get out of bed, eat or conduct any normal semblance of her life. Thanks to her good friend who checked on her often, she soon realized that without Kyle’s monetary assistance, she could not afford to stay in her apartment. That was when she decided to move back home to live with her parents.

Her caring parents did all they could to encourage Jessica to simply get out of bed and, hopefully, eat something. An old high school friend, Brandon, stopped by to see how she is doing. She doesn’t believe he is the same guy she knew because she remembers him as being a total nerd. But Brandon’s life has not been easy either. His parents were killed in a car accident leaving him to care for his younger sister, Caroline, and to take over his father’s business. Since then, Caroline has gone through a difficult time and is rebelling and going through a Goth period. Jessica’s loving mother has been a good friend to Brandon and Caroline and they depend on her for her loving support. Brandon’s company has been very successful and he is a very good businessman.

When Jessica moved from her apartment, she found a book of recipes that Kyle had written. He had been an excellent cook and his food was very creative. Knowing she wants to honor Kyle in some way, a plan is born to help kids who are troubled by getting them involved in a not-for-profit program that centers around them participating in making Kyle’s dishes and taking the food home to their own families. As this idea takes form, Brandon and Jessica spend more time together and Jessica slowly learns to live again.

Where will it lead? Will the plan come to fruition? Will Jessica be able to open her heart and find love again?

I loved, loved, LOVED! this story. I do not remember the last time a book made me cry but I used up lots of tissues reading this book. It is just one story of the hundreds upon hundreds of accounts out there, most probably untold, of the devastation to the lives of so many. May God bless them all.

Connie for b2b

Complimentary copy provided by the author


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