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‘Difficult Husbands’ by Mary de Laszlo

dh mdlSTORY: Difficult Husbands – In sickness and in health, for better but definitely not for worse…

Newly divorced Lorna is struggling to adjust to life on her own. When she discovers that her beloved godfather has left her the grand (and crumbling) Ravenscourt House in the heart of Sussex, she soon has a project on her hands.

Nathan sells delicious goodies at Mulberry Farm. When he meets Lorna at a Christmas market, neither of them can ignore the chemistry. But as they get to know one another, Lorna wants to know one thing – is he after her or the house?

Together with Gloria – whose marriage to alcoholic Adrian has hit rock bottom, and Rosalind – struggling to deal with her womanizing husband Ivan, the three friends hatch a plan. They’ll ditch their difficult husbands at Ravenscourt House and enjoy stress-free Christmases with their families. But nothing is ever that simple…

Mary de Laszlo has had four novels published by Headline and has since had many others published by Hale. She lives in London and is an active member of the RNA. She was a fashion journalist with Vogue and now works as an occasional film extra when not writing.

REVIEW: Lorna, Gloria, and Rosalind are three good friends, now in their 40s, who had met and married older men, now in their 60s, who were also friends.

Lorna and her ex-husband, Stephen, are divorced and he has a live-in girlfriend.  Still stunned and bitter from the divorce, Lorna works making at cakes for a cake shop.  They have two children, Flora and Marcus, now at university.

Gloria is married to Adrian, who is an alcoholic.  He claims he can quit anytime he wants, yet Gloria continues to rescue him from his drunks, sobering him up and caring for him.  They have one son, Justin and Gloria makes extra money selling things at craft fairs.  Quite often, Lorna helps her at the fairs and sells some of her beautiful cakes.  While at a fair, Gloria meets Nathan, a popular participant who sells hams and other specialty foods.

Rosalind is married to Ivan who is retired and completely involved with volunteer work which has resulted in him becoming a womanizer.  They have two daughters, Chloe and Emma.

When Lorna learns that she has inherited an old but beautiful home called Ravenscourt from her godfather, she is thrilled.  However, the place has become run-down and needs lots of work to fix it back up to its original beauty.  Knowing she does not have the money for needed repairs, Lorna is preparing to sell the place.  As it happens, Nathan lives close to Ravenscourt and is interested in it.  But, Lorna might be interested in him as well.

With Christmas approaching, the three women concoct a scheme to get their husbands to spend Christmas at Ravenscourt.  They feel that if the three men spend some time together, they might regain their “sanity.”

The story is clever and humorous yet realistic all at the same time.  We see women who have been happily married for years now wondering “what happened?”

I enjoyed the story and think that other readers may as well.

Connie for b2b

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher

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