Book Review

‘A Royal Christmas Proposal’ by Leane Banks

arcp lbSTORY: A Daddy For Her Little Prince?

Fredericka Devereaux is no pushover princess. She’s determined to provide the best life possible for her infant son, Leo. So when her brother, the ruler of Chantaine, insists that she and her hearing-disabled son need a protector, Ericka objects. But her new bodyguard, handsome Treat Walker, warms her heart as he cares for her baby…and proves himself deserving of his name…

Treat keeps telling himself that he’s not into Ericka and her little family. She’s stuck-up and a royal—hardly his type! Despite his best efforts, the former football player finds himself charmed by the sexy single mom and her adorable infant. This Christmas, all Treat wants in his stocking is the royal twosome he’s sworn to protect!

REVIEW: Princess Fredericka Devereaux is part of the royal family living on Chantaine, an island in the Mediterranean.  Her brother, Prince Stefan, is the head of the family now and she has other sisters.  Preferring to be called Ericka, she is the single mother of baby Leo. Her ex-husband left her before she even realized she was pregnant and has not been a part of Leo’s life.

Ericka lives in a well-secured cottage on the island with Leo’s nanny.  She has official family duties that she must carry out each day as do the other royals.  However, she spends every minute with Leo that she can.  The sad thing is that Leo was born profoundly deaf.  Even at his very young age, Ericka works with him each day trying to teach him sign language.

For added security, there is a small apartment attached to the cottage which houses Ericka and Leo’s body guard, Treat Walker.  A former football player from Texas, Treat has been in this business for quite awhile ever since he sustained some injuries earlier in his football career.

Treat is very careful to ensure that the gates and fencing around the area are secure and accompanies Ericka and Leo when they leave the home.  Although Ericka doesn’t always feel it’s necessary, Treat insists as their safety is key.

Ericka worries a lot about Leo.  There is a special type of surgery he can receive when he’s a little older that may reverse the hearing loss.  But, that’s still up in the air right now.

Although Treat and Ericka try to keep their relationship professional, their constant togetherness soon results in an attraction between them.  Since Treat is a body guard and Ericka is a Princess, where can this relationship lead?

This was a sweet novel that touched on how hard royal families work.  A big part of the book is about the extra love and care required of parents of special needs children.

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Complimentary copy provided by the author


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