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‘A Winter Wedding’ by Amanda Forester

af awwSTORY: Miss Penelope Rose, exclusive matchmaker to London’s elite, successfully creates love for everyone but herself. Her toughest client yet, the sexy Duke of Marchford, has commissioned her to find him a bride. But he’s more interested in tracking down a spy, and she’s in no hurry to speed up the process…

When the fate of England falls in the Duke’s hands, he enlists Penelope for a new plan—they announce a sham engagement in order to flush out the traitor. But as the stakes get more deadly, and their feelings more real, will they discover that love is the most dangerous plot of them all?

REVIEW: It’s December 1810 and French smuggling is booming in London.

James Lockton, Duke of Marchford, is working for the government to uncover smuggling operations.  A handsome and eligible man, he has decided that it is time that he gets married.  But weeding through all the young ladies looking for a husband is not what he wants to do.
Penelope Rose, companion to James’s grandmother, is the infamous Madame X who helps to arrange marriages.  However, in actuality, Penelope and James’s grandmother together are Madame X.  Having figured this out, James approaches Penelope to find the perfect wife for him.  As they also live in the same house, this puts them together a lot.  In addition, Penelope has helped James with some of his spy work.
When James ventures into Penelope’s room and sees her dressed for bed, he becomes enamored by her and decides that she would be the perfect bride for him.  Penelope feels the same way toward James but his inability to say he loves her is the roadblock to Penelope agreeing to marry him.
As they continue to work close together to uncover the perpetrators of a large theft, their attraction only grows stronger.  While Penelope wants to marry James, she feels she must first find out the reason for his reluctance to express his love for her.  As she learns more about his childhood, the puzzle begins to fall into place.
This was a great story with passion, humor and some edge-of-the-seat moments as well.  I enjoyed it and look forward to more novels from Amanda Forester.
This is Book Three of Ms. Forester’s Marriage Mart series.  Do come and get to know these characters.  I think they are guaranteed to entertain you.
Note:  This book is due to be published September 2, 2014.  I have strived to not include any spoilers in this review.
Connie for b2b
Complementary copy provided by the publisher

7 thoughts on “‘A Winter Wedding’ by Amanda Forester”

  1. Connie– great review. Thank you for not including any spoilers!! Am going to buy this one because of your review….am intrigued !

    1. Thanks, Sue! I’m glad you like the book. It was very good. Just enough “spy work” without it being over done.

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