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‘A Bride by Moonlight’ by Liz Carlyle

lc abbmSTORY: Royden Napier, Baron Saint-Bryce, is tall, dark, and ruthless—and on the hunt for a dangerous beauty . . .

On the eve of her escape to the Continent, bold, beautiful Lisette Colburne accepts a proposal she dare not refuse: masquerade as the future bride of the steely-eyed Royden Napier and help him solve his most dangerous case. Soon Lisette is in even greater danger—of losing her heart to the one man with the power to destroy her . . .

Estranged from his aristocratic family, the enigmatic Napier has forged a reputation as Scotland Yard’s most relentless police commissioner. He’s vowed to bring Lisette to justice—but with every forbidden kiss and every tantalizing touch, he finds himself becoming less convinced of her guilt . . . and more certain he must have her. But when danger touches Lisette, can he save her?

REVIEW: It looks like I reviewed book five of this series [Fraternitas Aureae Crucis series] ‘In Love With a Wicked Man’ before I did book four, which is this one. Don’t ask me how that happened!

In regards to the reading of this series, it really helps to read this whole series in its order, which you can get here.

The series is worth the read as a whole because all the characters and plots are really well-developed and the pace in each is fast, so you’re never bored.

Another reason to read them all is the huge cast of characters, supporting and recurring, such as our hero, Napier Royden. He was in these books from the get go, so if you don’t read book one, you’ll miss his characterization, and let me tell you, he is one great character.

You also would be better off to have read ‘The Bride Wore Pearls’ because of the thread of this story, which picks up at the end of that book. Get the picture now?

Right off the bat I was taken with this story and its hero. He is very likable. It took just a wee bit longer for me to like Lisette, but I did. She went through a lot in her young life, but she was stronger for it. Both hide some serious secrets, but once aired out, there’s nothing they wouldn’t do for one another.

In truth, everything in this story just clicks. I enjoyed the romance of it as much as I did the mystery. Its trope, “fake engagement”, has been done before, but Ms. Carlyle is undoubting and puts her own spin on it, while giving us a mystery, mayhem and murder. I didn’t see that curve ball coming!

I highly recommend it to everyone that loves ‘who-done-it’ with really sweet and sensual romance. If you like stories of unconditional love and forgiveness, this one’s for you. It was a win-win for me because this is one of my ‘Keeper Shelf’ authors.

Melanie for b2b

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher

6 thoughts on “‘A Bride by Moonlight’ by Liz Carlyle”

    1. If you’ve missed this author, you need to read her 🙂 I love her stories. I have every book she ever wrote, but I discovered her in 2009 so I stocked up on all of her backlist at my local used bookstore & through Amazon used books [that was before I had my Kindle]

      btw I really appreciate every RT you do for me 🙂

      1. It’s great to discover new authors especially when they come recommended by someone with similar tastes to myself.

        You are most welcome, Mel. I always try to support my friends whenever I can.

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